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Portfolio Projects

Taking Public Safety to a Whole New Level with a Next-Gen Computer Vision-Based Video Analysis Platform

A computer vision-driven solution that extracts all unique faces, objects, and vehicles from unstable camera footage, both in-vehicle and body-worn.

The solution is designed to automate video processing workflows for police workforce, increase security officials' productivity, and dramatically improve public safety.

Robust Voice and Video Communication Components for a Leading Enterprise Messaging Platform

Mobile and web application components that enable secure instant communication in a corporate setting. 

The solution provides voice and video calls in both one-on-one and conference mode — all without downloading additional plugins.

Ensuring Peace of Mind with a Robust Emergency Help Solution for Senior Care

A mobile emergency help platform that quickly connects the elderly with professional assistance when they need it.

The solution allows users to make hassle-free 24/7 video calls to their caregivers or a call center, while providing a real-time location tracking feature for ultimate peace of mind.

Powerful MarTech Platform for the Dental Industry

An all-in-one software suite that enables dentists to manage, market, and grow their business online.

The solution integrates with popular dental PMSs and uses clinical records to optimize and automate the practice’s marketing strategy.

A 107% Increase in Transaction Capacity for a Major Transport Ticketing System

All-encompassing optimization and reengineering of a feature-rich ticketing system that handles up to 40,000 transactions per day.

The solution provides a smooth, on-the-go ticket purchasing experience for passengers and helps transport companies streamline their operations.