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Portfolio Projects

Advanced Ticketing System for a Leading Provider of Public Transport IT Solutions

All-encompassing optimization and reengineering of a feature-rich ticketing system that handles up to 40,000 transactions per day.

The solution provides a smooth, on-the-go ticket purchasing experience for passengers and helps transport companies streamline their operations.

Turnkey SaaS-Based Practice Management Solution for Plastic Surgery Clinics

A practice management and patient engagement platform that helps digitize the daily operations of plastic surgery clinics.

Available on all devices, the solution bridges existing care gaps and increases efficiency across the entire practice.

Highly Scalable Videoconferencing Platform for Education and Business

A WebRTC-based videoconferencing system with support for a virtually infinite number of simultaneous users.

The solution provides rich communication capabilities for online events and corporate training and enables real-time interpreting into multiple languages.

Adtech Platform for eCommerce

Oxagile developed an adtech solution that helps advertisers improve campaign efficiency while enabling publishers to boost their ad revenues.

Core features of the platform include CTR prediction, intelligent ad targeting, and support for Google Product Listing Ads.

Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management Platform

A time-saving solution that allows entrepreneurs and marketers to monitor and manage their online business presence from a single dashboard.

Rich functionality and integrations with popular listings, review sites, and social networks make it easy to maintain a unified and compelling online image for any number of business locations.