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Portfolio Projects

A Fully-Featured Web Conferencing MVP to Win Over Investor Funding

An intuitive client-server audio and video conferencing solution designed to set up international online events with up to 20 real-time participants.
Integrated with an advanced audio bridge, the system seamlessly provides a high-definition voice conferencing across the web, desktop, and mobile.

A Robust Badge Issuing Platform with Support for 100,000+ Users

A flexible badging solution that features rich badge management capabilities and offers seamless integration with the existing infrastructure.

The platform enables badge issuers to award, edit, and revoke verifiable digital badges, while enabling IT professionals to promote their achievements with industry-recognized credentials.

Automated Practice Growth Suite for the Dental Industry

A multi-purpose solution that automates patient acquisition campaigns and appointment scheduling for dental businesses.

The system connects to the existing practice software and filters clinical records to target groups of patients according to set preferences, including age, zipcode, medical needs, preferred payment method, and more.

Taking Public Safety to a Whole New Level with a Next-Gen Computer Vision-Based Video Analysis Platform

A computer vision-driven solution that extracts all unique faces, objects, and vehicles from unstable camera footage, both in-vehicle and body-worn.

The solution is designed to automate video processing workflows for police workforce, increase security officials' productivity, and dramatically improve public safety.

Robust Voice and Video Communication Components for a Leading Enterprise Messaging Platform

Mobile and web application components that enable secure instant communication in a corporate setting. 

The solution provides voice and video calls in both one-on-one and conference mode — all without downloading additional plugins.