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Project Overview

Oxagile helped an acknowledged Scandinavian digital TV leader develop an intuitive, easily deployed live TV solution. The solution is primarily designed to help pay TV operators and telecommunication companies gain a competitive edge and grow their market shares in the OTT space.

The product streams live channels to iOS- and Android-based devices, enables secure content delivery, and provides a scalable backend that can accommodate a large user base.

The solution comes with a clean, rebrandable UI that can be easily customized and offers a rich OTT experience that users typically expect: video player, channel list, EPG, start-over TV, and more.

Technology Stack
iOS, Android, Grails, Hazelcast, Widevine, FairPlay, Harmonic, Envivio, ExoPlayer, VisualOn, AVPlayer
Timeframe and Workload
Duration: 6 months
Effort: 18 man-months

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