Project overview

Live TV solution that supports live streaming to iOS and Android, enables secure content delivery, provides a scalable backend to accommodate a growing user base, and features a clean, rebrandable UI.

Client: One of Scandinavia’s largest digital TV companies that provides dozens of pay TV operators around the world with reliable and cost-effective content security solutions serving a multi-million audience.

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
6 months, 18 man-months
Java, Front-End, Groovy, Grails, Spring, Hibernate, Google Guava, Apache CXF, Hazelcast, JSON, Jetty, nginx, MySQL, Harmonic, Envivo, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, iOS SDK, Android SDK

Business challenge

An acknowledged Scandinavian leader in the digital TV space needed a high-quality, flexible multiscreen solution for the rapidly growing OTT market. With the TV consumption constantly evolving, the client wanted to approach operators with a solid way to retain and grow their market shares.

The client envisioned a secure, end-to-end system for streaming live TV content while providing a rich OTT experience to the end users.

With millions of potential customers ready to adopt the solution, the client realized they needed a proven, reliable, and experienced nearshore app development partner. A partner who would make sure the final solution would meet the end clients’ expectations, while paving the way for future enhancements and innovation.

The envisioned system would have a clean, polished user interface, implement several content security levels, and operate smoothly on a wide variety of iOS- and Android-based devices.

Oxagile’s differentiators

Having successfully completed over 50 video-related projects in the past, Oxagile immediately brought its business domain knowledge and unique expertise to the table. In a matter of days, Oxagile proposed a solid, effective architecture to build the solution upon.

Oxagile also had the capacity to deliver a fully working proof of concept as early as two weeks into the project. This enabled the stakeholders to quickly get a feel of what the application would look like from an end user’s perspective.

Geographical and cultural proximity was also an important factor. Oxagile’s main development center is advantageously located in Eastern Europe, which means only a two-hour time zone difference with the client’s headquarters in Scandinavia. This translated into fewer communication problems and better response times down the road.

“We distinguished between outsourcing and nearshoring. Our definition of nearshoring is a company that is close to us geographically, time zone-wise, and also culturally”, said the client’s Director of Software Development.

Benefits of the delivered solution

The resulting product is an intuitive, easily deployed live TV solution designed to help pay TV operators and telecommunications companies gain a competitive edge.

The product streams live channels to iOS- and Android-based devices, implements all the necessary security requirements, and features a highly scalable backend complete with integrated TV encoders and CDN support.

Key solution highlights

Clean white-label UI. Besides providing a user-friendly experience, the frontend apps are fully customizable. Operators can easily rebrand the interface by adding their logos and corporate colors to ensure a seamless user experience for their customers.

Rich live TV capabilities. The solution’s features include a video player, personalized channel lists, an easy-to-use Electronic Program Guide, time-shift and start-over TV functionality, and more.

Rock-solid backend. The backend is designed to be highly dependable, and ensure the necessary scalability as the operator’s user base grows.

Content security. The live channel streaming is implemented in a highly secure manner, supporting all the required security levels — from simple access control to advanced premium content security.

Business value

By relying on Oxagile as their development partner, the client was able to create a turnkey live TV product that allows operators and telcos to grow their business in the OTT space. The product’s unique design enables companies to get a foothold in OTT, while providing a highly scalable platform for future offerings.