The gist of the project


An industry-leading entertainment company specializing in producing and delivering high-quality premium content to audiences across various platforms.


Web and Xbox streaming apps as part of a comprehensive multiplatform OTT solution.

Oxagile’s role

End-to-end development provider.

The client's key goals as the focus

Expanding the subscriber base through multi-platform reach

Launching platform-specific applications and tapping into the high-growth Xbox technology market to cater to diverse audiences.

Securing precise audience micro-segmentation

Having instruments and AI-powered algorithms to identify the right audience and provide highly personalized content recommendations to enhance the viewer experience.

Increasing audience retention

Crafting handy navigation and smart interactivity elements with proper resolution on any screens and devices and maximizing bandwidth to shape captivating viewing.

Maximizing the compatibility and flexibility of the solution

“Thanks to our years of experience collaborating with diverse media players and tailoring solutions to meet the specifications and requirements of each, we've developed frontend applications that are effortlessly integrated with leading online video platforms and players, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.
Besides, our focus on maximum compatibility and flexibility means these apps are always ready for instant configurations.”
— Project Manager

More attributes delivering a multi-screen delight

Seamless viewing

Seamless viewing

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • HLS, MPEG-DASH, and Smooth Streaming support

Performance optimization

Performance optimization

  • Minimized startup time and reduced buffering
  • Latency-driven architecture optimization

Smart video delivery infrastructure

Smart video delivery infrastructure

  • Support for the H.264 video format
  • Leveraging Azure Media Services to seamlessly support millions of concurrent viewers

Utter content protection

Utter content protection

  • AES encryption
  • PlayReady technology for various types of content consumption and subscription choices

The custom-made apps we developed for the client smoothly blend with their current lineup in the video streaming industry. It's not just about being compatible; our integration creates a seamless merge with the client's unique branded interfaces, guaranteeing users a consistent and enjoyable experience, no matter which platform or device they use.