Project overview

All-encompassing mobile development, redesign and feature enhancement for the Android and Amazon Fire TV apps that form an integral part of a self-development video service.

Key features and highlights

  • Modern, elegant UI
  • Original and partner content
  • Advanced subscription management
  • Interactive user guide
  • Personal playlists and comments
  • Top-grade sensitive data protection
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
6 months, 30 man-months
Java, Mobile, Groovy, Gradle, Selenium, Appium, Android, Amazon Fire TV

Project overview

Oxagile helped a popular yoga and self-development platform streamline the viewing experience for Android and Amazon Fire TV users.

An extensive library of original and partner content can be accessed from the living room and on the go, including offline. A modern, elegant UI paired with enhanced functionality allows members to manage their subscriptions, leave comments, and create personal playlists. An intelligent onboarding feature walks new users through the apps, making them familiar with all the benefits straight away.

In accordance with the client’s stringent data privacy policy, sensitive user data is protected by means of TLS connections, public and private key encryption, and HTTP Public Key Pinning. To ensure frequent feature rollouts that do not compromise on quality, Oxagile covered both solutions with rigorous automated testing that included functional, UI, and integration tests.