What’s the solution?

A state-of-the-art media content distribution management system that possesses advanced video content delivery, recording, substitution, time-shifting, and ad management capabilities, all while ensuring top-grade scalability and failover.

Who’s the client?

JumpTV is a Canadian Internet TV service provider that encompasses a network of over 300 broadcasting partners from over 75 countries.


Unraveling the journey behind the project’s launch

The client: “Extending our service offering, we realized the necessity for a highly scalable backend system.”

Initially, our core business revolved around addressing the unmet needs of underserved ethnic communities by delivering online video content. Over time, we expanded our broadcasting package to encompass sports channels and college sports events.

To ensure seamless content distribution and substitution for our Internet TV service, we recognized the need for a robust backend system. Architecturally, it had to possess scalability and high availability, while also providing dependable failover capabilities. It was imperative for us to establish a reliable infrastructure that could meet the demands of our growing user base and deliver uninterrupted streaming experiences.

Oxagile: “Trusted to join the project as a technology partner”

Previous collaboration with JumpTV

Playing a pivotal role in shaping, constructing, and sustaining their mission-critical video-related solutions.

Services covered earlier

Ranging from business analysis, design, development, and stabilization to hardware infrastructure implementation and ongoing maintenance and support.

Our unwavering commitment to quality

Meeting JumpTV’s expectations in terms of efficiency and performance, while adhering to strict timelines and budgetary requirements.

A comprehensive overview of the deliverables

Over the course of 12 months, Oxagile built a fully customizable content distribution and substitution system for the client’s existing Internet TV solution.

The key features include:

  • Content recording management
  • Channel EPG/SPG data import, visualization and management
  • Content substitution management
  • Service configuration (scheduling, substitution, recording, encoding, playlists) and availability monitoring
  • Central management of WSX files for all Windows Media servers
  • Automated time-shifting of live content
  • Pre-, post-, and mid-roll (replacement) ads targeted at a regional level
  • Precise geolocation-based content substitution, in full compliance with IP rights requirements
  • Integration with a CDN environment and/or distribution partners
  • Powerful reporting functionality for every service

Are you looking for a sports technology partner?

Whether you seek to enhance or create a sports live streaming platform, we are here to lend our expertise in frontend development and top-notch performance optimization, all tailored to suit your preferred devices.

Unleashing unprecedented performance as envisioned by the client

  • Failure-free architecture design

    The system avoids a single point of failure and can be easily extended or integrated with third-party systems such as ad servers.

  • Highly scalable user processing

    It can effortlessly handle tens of thousands of end users on the frontend.


Project results: Expanded system scalability and services availability

With Oxagile’s help, JumpTV obtained a robust content management and substitution system for their acclaimed Internet TV platform. The system excels in terms of scalability and reliability, while featuring superior content delivery, efficient ad inventory management, and the ability to process over 300 channel substitutions in parallel.

What the client thinks about the collaboration

They proactively focus on things that are important. Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. In addition, they communicate questions and clarifications clearly and logically.

They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them. Their overall response rate has been great, despite the time difference. The team adheres to different processes that are placed within the client organization and work together with managers to improve these processes.

— TREVOR J. SYKES, Vice President Engineering, JumpTV Inc.

Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Effort and Duration
12 months, 144 man-months
Java, PHP, Struts, J2EE, Tomcat, JBoss, C#, .NET Framework, AJAX, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Windows Media Services

Our expertise: From apps for companion devices to live and VoD solutions

Enabling live and video-on-demand streaming for motorsports fans

  • Powerful online video functionality
  • Rock-solid system scalability and performance
  • Intelligent Wowza server implementation
  • Multi-CDN video content delivery