Solution highlights

  • Multi-party audio and video conferencing
  • Cross-platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • High scalability: support for thousands of simultaneous users
  • Rock-solid security and compliance with privacy standards
  • Powerful reporting on user activities

Challenge: Enhance, safeguard, track

The customer, a cybersecurity technology company, needed to build a range of client apps for its secure communications and collaboration platform. Key requirements included advanced WebRTC functionality, cross-platform excellence, robustness, reliability, and full compliance with the strongest security standards.

“To help the client engage the existing users and attract new ones, we enhanced the system with powerful WebRTC capabilities and significantly improved its performance.”

Delivery Manager

Delivering a reliable WebRTC system

By leveraging our knowledge around WebRTC, security, media asset management, and business intelligence, we provided the client with a feature-rich solution available on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

Powerful RTC functionality

  • Robust audio and video conferencing
  • Stream quality optimization based on network conditions
  • Scaling to thousands of simultaneous users
  • Support for UDP/TCP/TLS protocols
  • Smooth file and screen sharing
  • Seamless call recording
  • Picture-in-picture capabilities
  • Reliable operation on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

Enterprise-grade security

  • Encrypted video and audio calls, SMS, IM, and file sharing
  • Enterprise-wide security policies, MDM integration, and strict role-based access controls
  • Secure file storing, sharing, and hosting
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Private contact lists for closed circle communication
  • Remote wipe capability
  • Compliance with privacy standards (ISO 27001, GDPR)
  • Frequent vulnerability assessments and penetration tests

Detailed reporting

  • Real-time monitoring of streams quality
  • Network conditions analysis
  • Powerful auditing capabilities
  • Full visibility into messages and logs
  • Deep insights into community members’ activities
  • Customizable, interactive dashboards
  • Mobile business intelligence and reporting

Oxagile’s Process: Value-driven delivery

By relying on its tried-and-true Scrum process, Oxagile helped the client introduce WebRTC-based video conferencing into the business-critical messaging solution on a tight schedule.

  • Covering five platforms in 2.5 months
  • Meeting strict deadlines to slash time to market
  • Full transparency into the development process including created tickets, response time, and task status
  • Daily meetings and close collaboration with product owner for faster problem solving
  • DoR preparation for efficient sprint planning
  • Effective dependency tracking and team synchronization
  • Dynamic resource ramp-up to accelerate development
  • Continuous delivery for shorter release cycles

Business value

By relying on Oxagile’s multi-year expertise, the client got a highly scalable WebRTC solution optimized for five different platforms. Other key achievements included support for thousands of simultaneous video conferencing participants, HD video quality, stream optimization based on network metrics as well as rock-solid security on data, network, and hardware levels.

As a result, the customer was able to increase user satisfaction and extend its leadership on the real-time communication market.