Programmatic ad development services

Since 2011, we’ve been scaling our adtech knowledge to empower broadcasters, adtech vendors, and online publishers to enhance their ad buying and selling workflows while getting more control over ad spend and optimizing costs.

Underpinned by competence around BI, data management, and video advertising, we can help you take your programmatic advertising workflows to the next level or bring re-imagined RTB tech to the market. Also, our extensive knowledge of RTB platforms will let us implement advanced reporting and analytics, audience intelligence, and ad-supported video into your business processes.

SSP and DSP tech

Our adtech specialists will help you engineer tailored server-side and demand-side platforms to give you more control over your data and the media-buying process as well as optimize costs without intermediaries.

Private marketplaces

Use our expertise to build custom elements for PMPs, whether it’s an inventory management module for publishers or a performance measurement module for advertisers. Satisfy the needs of all players in the advertising chain with support, onboarding, and order management modules.

Ad exchanges

Whether you need to enhance your DSPs or SSP with ad exchange functionality or make your ad exchanges GDPR compliant we’re here to assist. We combine our knowledge around adtech, platform integration, and data security to help you more effectively trade digital media.

RTB platform enhancement

We’ll go deep into your business specifics to help revamp programmatic campaigns, optimize monetization strategies, as well as get actionable insights to further improve user targeting and maximize revenue.

Header bidding

We use header bidding to help publishers leverage multiple ad exchanges and supply-side platforms simultaneously. With less reliance on a single SSP, publishers can smarter allocate impressions, while increasing their yield and fill rate.

Programmatic TV advertising

Drive business value with a smart combination of our adtech expertise and multi-year OTT knowledge. We’ll smoothly integrate your platform with the optimal video services and assist with ad delivery optimization through SSAI.

Reinforce your adtech service

Building programmatic solutions for an array of clients

Publishers, online media, broadcasters

We make the most of PMPs to help buyers maximize their reach and customize campaigns within the DOOH ecosystem. In turn, suppliers can sell their inventory more efficiently to pre-vetted advertisers, while ensuring brand safety from both sides.

Adtech vendors

We help adtech companies specializing in programmatic solutions solve the pain points of publishers and broadcasters — through DSPs, PMPs, SSPs, header bidding, and other cutting-edge techs.

Advertising and marketing agencies

Empowered by our RTB skills, we redefine adtech solutions for marketing firms so that they could increase ROAS and efficiency of the buying process for their clients.