Project lowdown: What’s the tool like?

AI-driven browser extension

Drawing upon large language models, the AI assistant instantly responds to users’ inquiries along with crafting content tailored to their needs.
AI-driven browser extension

Harmoniously woven into a browser experience

The need to open a new page to pose a question is eradicated, as the AI tool is embedded within the browser and effortlessly accessible on both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android).
Browser experience

Real-time connectivity to the web of knowledge

The AI chatbot is intricately linked to the ever-evolving web, offering instantaneous insights that transcend historical limitations.
Real-time connectivity to the web of knowledge

The menu of AI tool usage choices

  • Expound

    The AI browser assistant is a go-to tool for unraveling any mind-boggling stuff. Whether its user is grappling with a tricky math formula or wrestling with some tech jargon, the smart assistant breaks it all down in a way that’s crystal clear and straight to the point.

  • Recap

    If a person is craving a speedy rundown of how something works, for instance, the tool is easily shrinking never-ending texts down, thus giving only meaningful input, without drowning a user in a wordy ocean.

  • Craft

    Code or text? Both! Whether people are up for some content creation or programming puzzles, the AI tool will take on the role of their aide. It’s not just about spinning a poetic masterpiece or whipping up some code wizardry; it’s also laying out data all neat and tidy.

  • Counsel

    Is a lack of rendezvous ideas, travel spots, or interior design solutions detected? If so, the AI chatbot is all set to brainstorm some cool new conceptions and help to come up with settled intentions, smart recommendations, and action plans.

What makes the AI solution stand out?

Answers right here

No more digging through webpages for the info you need. The AI chatbot gives users clear answers within the same web page they are working on.

At no cost

The smart AI tool skillfully weaves together info from various sources, delivering exactly what people need — completely free of charge.

Info in the now

The AI assistant keeps it fresh with up-to-the-minute information — no past baggage, just the latest and of current interest.

What’s the tech mastery behind the AI tool?

Tech unveiled on the project

React, TypeScript, Redux, webext-redux, Redux-Saga

Frontend development on our side

In sync with our client’s team, we owned the frontend game.

The story just begins: Oxagile goes in for revamping product architecture

Driven by our deep commitment to the AI tool we cultivated and the enduring success of the product, we went above and beyond to propose a set of enhancements to its existing architecture. Following the client’s approval, we helped them:

Navigating the near horizon: Our next collaboration moves

Continuing our journey with the client, we’re dedicated to propelling the growth of the AI-powered browser extension. Our focus remains on nurturing the product’s evolution, handling maintenance, and tackling frontend tasks to ensure ongoing success.