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Consumer Fusion, a U.S.-based marketing technology company that provides integrated brand management solutions for online businesses
Solution concept:
MarTech system for marketing professionals and businesses, born to establish a strong, positive brand reputation in the market
Oxagile’s part:
End-to-end brand reputation monitoring and management platform development

Why this solution has no superior in reputation management

All-in-one brand reputation tool

Allowing a business to monitor online reviews, track its social ranking, submit business info to local directories, and manage social media channels from a single platform.

A definite ‘no’ to illegitimate or spam reviews

The platform knows how to deal with invalid negative reviews — and does it brilliantly, therefore saving businesses’ precious time on removal disputes.

Increase in online presence for stable business growth

The solution is answering for a brand’s consistent social media presence along with helping to improve its local search rank.

On top of this, it turns the dreams of every business owner into reality

Back to the roots: The birth of an idea

  • Climbing to an impeccable brand reputation

    The necessity to hop between listings, review sites, and social media accounts adds to a marketer’s workload and heightens the risk of a mistake or a missed opportunity. The task is even more daunting for companies with multiple locations.

  • Crafting a tool to help brands grow engagement

    It would allow them to broadcast a consistent message across all platforms, promptly handle negativity, and keep an eye on performance. The client also planned to monetize the solution by splitting it into service packages that can be activated or deactivated to suit a tenant’s marketing goals.

Meet the solution delivered by Oxagile

Our team helped the client design a multi-purpose marketing solution that ties all brand management activities to a single dashboard and largely automates the workflow. The system’s capabilities make it invaluable for franchises and large companies with multiple locations.

Key features comprise

  • Tenant system with different user roles and permissions
  • Competitor data comparison
  • Yext integration to submit business information to dozens of directories at once
  • Notifications about new mentions, reviews, and changes in local rankings
  • ROI report generation and visualization

Social media marketing

  • Ability to create, edit, schedule, and delete posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube
  • Ability to add 360-degree images and videos to Facebook posts
  • Direct replies to Google and Facebook reviews right from the dashboard
  • In-app images and content libraries available on demand
  • Email campaign builder complete with customizable templates

Can’t help but wonder whether your brand’s reputation level has room to grow?

Oxagile has tech and business understanding of how to monitor and enhance a business’s reputation, and is happy to share a few thoughts.

What we did in the field of

Analytics reports

The solution provides users with downloadable analytics regarding a listing’s profile views, Google Customer Actions, device usage over a chosen period, Google search queries, Google Views on Search and Maps, Google Phone Calls by hour, and a host of other metrics.

Social account analytics and reporting with breakdowns by age, gender, and location are also easily available.

Review management

This module lets users control what is said about their business online and nurture customer relationships.

The user can access review statistics, schedule weekly or monthly reports, browse the latest submitted reviews and star ratings across the web, and reply to them.

As for unfair or fake negative reviews, the platform identifies those and helps with inspecting and removing them.

QA and testing

With the solution comprising several modules and depending on external services, QA efforts were focused on ensuring smooth and reliable communication between all units.

Oxagile’s QA team tested the solution’s integration with the Yext platform, Authorize.Net payment system, and SurveyMonkey generator.

As said by our client

I highly recommend Oxagile for any size project.

Oxagile’s professional team has worked with us to design, develop, and execute a platform that goes on to get better with every phase.

We have put Oxagile under pressure to deliver a few features with little to no notice and they’ve come through on time and delivered an award-winning software product.

I highly recommend Oxagile for any size project as we started small and grew the project into a major platform that is used by thousands of users.

Mark Spencer
VP of Operations
Consumer Fusion, MMG Fusion

Numbers speak volumes

of businesses and brands trust the Consumer Fusion solution, and this number is growing day by day
illegitimate reviews and images Consumer Fusion got rid of, across key review websites
Professional Services
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
Ongoing, 37 months so far
PHP, Front-End, Symfony, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, jQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js