Delivering frontend solutions tailored for any OS, platform, and device

Are there any similar goals tied to your streaming solution and taken over your mind?

Real-case scenario: superior streaming experience across a wealth of devices

A client’s aspiration to expand their subscriber base through multi-platform reach and leapfrog rivals with powerful frontend turned into a success project story, starring Oxagile:

  • Streaming far and wide. The app covers iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, and STBs.
  • User engagement and convenience hand in hand. Mosaic viewing, parental controls, interactive EPGs, catch-up function, and much more.
  • Framework-driven approach to frontend app development. The solution favors fast and easy configurations.

Enabling a multi-screen viewing experience on

Oxagile focuses its multi-screen app development activities around three pillars

Driving viewer

Polling, interactive betting, and other value-added features to shape captivating viewing

Mastering audience micro-segmentation

Critical to ultra-personalization of content recommendations and viewer experience

Enabling navigation and discoverability

A well-thought-out UI to let users find the right button or content category on the spot

Enable borderless streaming of content

Fear to miss the chance to reach to a wider audience as some platforms and devices are still uncovered with your service package? Use our multi-screen app development services to extend the presence!

How Oxagile can fuel your expertise so you:

Gain more control over your content success

  • Developing custom direct-to-consumer apps for educators, sport clubs, local broadcasters, indie content creators
  • Exchanging arduous content partner negotiations for total visibility of audience behavior and needs
  • Lowering total cost of ownership by granting you more control over revenue share

Cover all platforms and devices preferred by your subscribers

  • Enabling multi-platform reach of your solution to help you grow your user base
  • Developing platform-specific applications, e.g., for Roku, Tizen, webOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and others

Scale the solution to meet the needs of a wider audience

  • Customizing your video platform functionality
  • Developing flexible frontend apps always ready for instant configurations

Stand out with an array of personalization features

  • Designing second-screening experience for greater user engagement, including chats, quizzes, polls, and extra content-related info
  • Creating UX that boosts content discoverability and search personalization
  • Implementing an array of content management scenarios for viewers, like Favorites, Bookmarks, Personal Libraries, Multi-Profile, and so on
  • Customizing players to enrich them with handy navigation and smart interactivity elements (“The best moments of the season”, “Skip the subtitles”, “Show actor’s filmography”, or others)

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