Delivering frontend solutions tailored for any OS, platform, and device

Enabling a multi-screen viewing experience on

Android TV

Offering our Android TV app development best practices

  • Active use of Android SDKs (Leanback Android TV, Jetpack Compose for Android TV)
  • Launching a stellar user experience by providing a clear focus and selection
  • Certification successful: testing apps on real devices, enforcing compliance with Google Material guidelines, avoiding Store rejections
  • Hands-on experience in porting mobile apps to Android TV
  • Taking care of the app performance across the wealth of Android TV device models

Apple TV

Feeling the nuances of Apple TV app development

  • Continually accumulating tech knowledge of Apple frameworks (UIKit, SwiftUI, TVMLKit, FocusEngine, Foundation, TVMLKit JS) and tvOS development tools
  • Crafting an unbeaten design for tvOS thanks to our skills and readiness to address certain issues like focus-based navigation
  • Applying efficient, project-driven tricks for the iOS code reuse (up to 70%) to speed up time to market, while releasing Apple TV apps
  • Ensuring full compliance with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines


Skilled in delivering Roku TV app development services

  • Human-centered UIs and navigation
  • Great on BrightScript and SceneGraph core concepts
  • Custom Roku apps with a rich one-of-a-kind feature set — either using Roku SDK or starting the development from point zero
  • Performance excellence along the way, as our team transforms Roku app development pitfalls into an impeccable viewing experience on the fly
  • Porting web apps to Roku made easy, with focus, keyboard settings, and modal windows being fully adjusted to the Roku specifics
  • Having a way with meeting the Roku Channel Store certification requirements

Amazon Fire TV

Delivering Amazon Fire TV apps for the full media streaming device coverage

  • Conversant with Amazon Fire TV’s specific tools, SDKs, and services: Amazon Publisher Services (APS), Amazon Appstore SDK for in-app purchasing, Amazon Pinpoint, Video Skills Kit (VSK), Media Session API
  • Advising on the most suitable alternative services, without being limited to purely Amazon’s ones, e.g., for analytics or advertising purposes
  • Implementing, customizing, and consulting on the Amazon port of ExoPlayer, Android MediaPlayer, and third-party player solutions
  • Quickly adding an Amazon Fire TV app to the line of media streaming devices you cover, through reusing the existing Android TV code and rapid deployment of Amazon-specific services


Knowing all things Chromecast devices

  • Grabbing SDK Google Cast and screen-cast opportunities, while building custom Chromecast apps
  • Familiar with both old and new Chromecast generations: our team crafts the apps working either for earlier Chromecasts, aimed at projection, or for Chromecast 4K
  • Never overlooking distinct resolutions and density, so that the pictures on Big Screens are as sharp as smartphone’s
  • Evolving the voice search potential to the max

Adding VIDAA enablement to the benefits of multiple screens

Through our experience in delivering numerous projects focused on developing video streaming applications for the VIDAA operating system, we guarantee your content reaches audiences across VIDAA-compatible devices with exceptional performance and viewing experiences.

Putting our Smart TV app development knowledge to use

Viewing experiences will be lit with Oxagile’s Smart TV app development services — straightforward navigation, a UI that’s easy on the eye, and immaculate performance leave big screen devotees no chance to stay indifferent.

Are there any similar goals tied to your streaming solution and taken over your mind?

Real-case scenario: superior streaming experience across a wealth of devices

A client’s aspiration to expand their subscriber base through multi-platform reach and leapfrog rivals with powerful frontend turned into a success project story, starring Oxagile:

  • Streaming far and wide. The app covers iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, and STBs.
  • User engagement and convenience hand in hand. Mosaic viewing, parental controls, interactive EPGs, catch-up function, and much more.
  • Framework-driven approach to frontend app development. The solution favors fast and easy configurations.

Enable borderless streaming of content

Fear to miss the chance to reach to a wider audience as some platforms and devices are still uncovered with your service package? Use our multi-screen app development services to extend the presence!

Oxagile focuses its multi-screen app development activities around three pillars

Enabling navigation and discoverability

A well-thought-out UI to let users find the right button or content category on the spot

Mastering audience micro-segmentation

Critical to ultra-personalization of AI-powered content recommendations and viewer experience

Driving viewer

Polling, interactive betting, AI-driven highlights, and other value-added features to shape captivating viewing

How Oxagile can fuel your expertise so you:

Gain more control over your content success

  • Developing custom direct-to-consumer apps for educators, sport clubs, local broadcasters, indie content creators
  • Exchanging arduous content partner negotiations for total visibility of audience behavior and needs
  • Increasing your return on content investment by granting you more control over revenue share

Cover all platforms and devices preferred by your subscribers

  • Enabling multi-platform reach of your solution to help you grow your user base
  • Developing platform-specific applications, e.g., for Roku, Tizen, webOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and others
  • Crafting intuitive interfaces aligned with the market and platform specifics

Scale the solution to meet the needs of a wider audience

  • Customizing your video platform functionality
  • Developing flexible frontend apps and versatile UX/UI designs always ready for instant configurations

Stand out with an array of personalization features

  • Creating UX that boosts content discoverability and search personalization
  • Implementing an array of content management scenarios for viewers, like Favorites, Bookmarks, Personal Libraries, Multi-Profile, and so on
  • Customizing video players to enrich them with handy navigation and smart interactivity elements (“The best moments of the season”, “Skip the subtitles”, “Show actor’s filmography”, or others)
  • Designing second-screening experience for greater user engagement, including chats, quizzes, polls, and extra content-related info

Bring intelligence to every video workflow stage

  • Automating content redaction, translation, and moderation operations
  • Creating clips and highlights for post-streaming viewing experiences
  • Quickly identifying pirated streams to avoid the violation of digital rights
  • Analyzing user streaming patterns in data traffic flows to anticipate service peaks
  • Utilizing predictive analytics to identify and address potential network issues in advance
  • Automating captioning validation processes
  • Autogenerating metadata for engaging user experiences, including person identification and speech recognition

Online video platforms and players we work with