Peeling the layers of the solution

Who’s the client?

A major private research university in the United States.

What challenge was the client aiming to solve?

The lack of an efficient delivery system for ongoing education that prevents top managers and C-level executives from quickly and conveniently enhancing their skills. They sought a user-friendly solution that integrated a constantly updating knowledge base, easy course navigation, as well as examination and progress tracking features.

What did Oxagile come up with?

An advanced eLearning platform that supports 10,000+ concurrent users and allows managers to easily enroll in courses, take exams, and communicate with colleagues around the world.

Advanced eLearning platform

The creation process unfolded in 3 major steps:

Step 1. Detailed project roadmap

“We conducted an extensive analysis of the business in close collaboration with client-side specialists to shape a robust eLearning strategy for the long haul and crafted detailed learner roadmaps, so as not to miss any of the important features. We made sure to not only highlight the needs of our key stakeholders, but also reflect the unique brand and culture of the organization.”

Step 2. Full-scale development

“Upon completing the thorough design of the project’s architecture, we commenced the full development of the platform, consistently providing the client with access to interim reports and test results. Our primary focus was that while integrating diverse functionalities, the platform remained uncluttered by details with an easily navigable and intuitively usable interface.”

Step 3. Ensuring scalability

“The client was worried that the platform might need technical support from system administrators to run smoothly under heavy loads. So, our experienced QA team conducted stress testing and ensured that the solution could effortlessly accommodate thousands of simultaneous learners without requiring any additional support whatsoever.”

A full-blown distance learning platform

Basic features that have become the foundation of the platform:

  • Access to a large variety of text, audio, and video educational materials
  • Ability for registrants to enroll in courses, pass exams, and earn easily sharable certificates
  • Powerful program search functionality
  • Support for storing various types of educational materials, including multimedia content
  • Diversity of delivery methods, including on-demand and live webinar rooms
  • High reliability and availability, with support for over 10,000 concurrent users

Enhanced capabilities elevating the learning process beyond traditional virtual classrooms:

  • A community section with social features such as adding friends, creating groups, commenting, and reviewing the media library
  • Out-of-the-box, professionally designed resources with options to be supplemented and customized by authorized content owners
  • Calendar view of upcoming events, lessons, and exams
  • Interactive video features like polls, private and public chat, quizzes, raising hands, question and answer sessions
  • Integration with social networks (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook)

Full and easy management

“Throughout our collaboration with the client, we clearly recognized the importance of not only making the platform a convenient space for end-users looking to enhance their skills, but also for educators who wish to assess the effectiveness of training content, monitor progress, and easily customize and modify the content. Oxagile unquestionably adhered to these requirements.”
— Project Manager

Task boards

We’ve developed a task tracking system that enables students to add and modify tasks, update their statuses, like “to-do” or “completed”, and set due dates and reminding push notifications.

On-the-fly content management

Faculty members have access to a robust set of authoring tools for altering content, along with user-friendly templates for creating new lessons and even whole courses.

BI-based dashboards

Drawing on extensive experience in maximizing data potential, our team has integrated technologies that generate real-time graphs and charts displaying quantitative data about the platform’s user base, as well as provide metrics for each specific video, lesson, or assignment.

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
9 months, 36 man-months
PHP, Joomla, KickApps API