Our client’s brainchild

The issue to tackle

When businesses implement corporate wellness programs, their employees perceive it as a mere checkbox requirement, doing the bare minimum to comply, and then promptly return to their previous habits. However, our client was aiming to change this approach by introducing ongoing economic rewards for embracing a healthy lifestyle in any form. The goal was to encourage individuals to willingly integrate these practices into their lives for the long term.

The solution to deliver

Our client aimed to encourage users to adopt a healthier lifestyle while facilitating connections between consumer brands and their target audiences. To achieve this, they sought a solution that would reward individuals for engaging in healthy behaviors by capturing, converting, and monetizing fitness-related activities tracked through biometric devices and online reporting.

Elements to reach the goal

The program brings together different features, such as social media connections, customized progress tracking, loyalty systems, and a diverse rewards suite. Members who aim to enhance their overall wellness join in fun and healthy activities, compete with other members, and earn points that can be exchanged for rewards like travel, coupons, and gift cards.

Not a typical well-being app

Perks galore placed at users’ disposal

The solution is designed to inspire a huge range of healthy lifestyle behaviors by not just offering enticing rewards, but also by highlighting the social acceptance and support a user receives through social media functionality. It fosters a sense of social connection by showing just how many people are rooting for each other’s success.

Additionally, it provides comprehensive health reporting, the ability to set any goals, track activity, and share all that with the entire community.

Healthy routine as an enjoyable choice

Many health programs emphasize short-term, singular practices, like promoting running for weight loss. However, achieving specific goals often lacks lasting impact and fails to sustain motivation. That’s why this platform encourages a holistic, lifelong approach to a healthy lifestyle by acknowledging and rewarding diverse healthy behaviors and activities, from walking to attending the gym.

Communities as a records-driving force

This solution creates a digital environment where people with shared goals can collaborate and communicate effortlessly. It allows diverse groups and individuals to share content, express opinions, provide constructive feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions through comments. The platform encourages the sharing of progress and achievements.

We love turning raw ideas into perfect fitness and wellness apps

Do you envision an app that will shake up the fitness, wellness, or sports app scene? Oxagile can turn your idea into reality with a perfect code!

Despite the rich diversity in the fitness app landscape, generic solutions, as obvious from the Fitness App Overview, miss the mark when it comes to meeting all users’ needs and challenges.

So, if you’re after some tailor-made excellence, Oxagile has the skills and experience to become the missing piece you’re hunting for.

How Oxagile played their part

Personal performance and activity tracking

We leveraged our expertise in Business Intelligence and Big Data to enable user workout metrics tracking, precise progress monitoring, and goal attainment visualization. This data-driven approach allowed for personalized recommendations and dynamically adaptable workout plans, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

And data-backed insights derived from user behavior analysis that we’ve set provide a solid foundation for strategic decision-making. By understanding user patterns and preferences, the app can be refined to align with user demands and maintain a competitive edge.

Reward control and redemption

Drawing on our experience in implementing multi-level gamification, we combined a comprehensive loyalty and rewards system, enabling members to effortlessly earn, monitor, and redeem points to enjoy valuable rewards, spanning across merchandise, travel, dining, entertainment, and even gifts for other members.

Social community features

The app enables users to easily share their workout achievements, progress, and fitness goals on their profiles directly in the app to maintain a sense of accomplishment and motivate others. Besides, the app allows users to see and comment on each other’s activities, connect with friends who are also using the platform, enabling them to track each other’s progress, send virtual high-fives, and share workout routines or tips.

To avoid the need for users to switch between different applications when they want to share something, we have also integrated some elements of our video conferencing platform with a set of pre-built features into the app.

This solution is just one of our many fitness app successes

We’ve been developing software for sports entities for years, and as time went on, we specialized further into the fitness niche. Presently, we confidently aid in the creation, monetization, and maintenance of fitness solutions, showing users that the developers care at every touchpoint.

Bringing forth our mobile development expertise, we ensure:

  • visually appealing fitness apps with intuitive cross-platform navigation to minimize app abandonment;
  • a robust performance infrastructure for a scalable system addressing battery life, RAM, GPU, and data caching issues;
  • lasting engagement by leveraging video integrations and machine learning to provide personalized content recommendations, location-based offers, VR-based workouts, and more.

Check out the wide array of fitness app development services we provide. Whether it’s precise activity tracking, customized exercise plans, or nutritional value calculations — our solutions can meet any requirements.

And if browsing through our services sparks your curiosity — we’re here to have a conversation and see how we can adjust our offerings to fit your business needs.

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
4 months, 12 man-months
PHP, KickApps API, JavaScript