Project Q&A:

a quick glance at a CMS for edtechies

Who’s the client?

A language learning platform provider

What’s the solution about?

A CMS for the smooth delivery and management of educational content to the client’s website and platform

Who can use this CMS?

Learning designers developing language learning courses and educational activities for them

Content management made simple for learning designers

With an ambition of building a rich set of features for language learning content creation and management, Oxagile ensured them to be easy-to-use for a course team.

Platform home page

  • Courses are displayed/filtered by learning languages
  • Users can display the localizations of language courses depending on interface languages
  • Popular language courses are highlighted

Course structure

The course creation is simplified thanks to the provided course structure that includes the items below:

  • Levels with language learning programs different for A1, A2, B1, B2, and other levels
  • Chapters with activities collected according to topics such as Family or Career
  • Lessons with several activities and exercises
  • Activities to master speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills

Learning content publication

  • Levels and chapters are easily created and edited with an opportunity to add other language localizations
  • Exercise content is validated by the system and published if it complies with the CMS rules
  • The exercises are previewed to ensure they look friendly on different mobile and desktop device screens
  • Learning designers can tag colleagues in comments
  • Advanced search options to find content by its ID, string, bundle
  • The ID-based reuse of content makes it easier to correct occasional mistakes and avoid making numerous copies for other exercises, saving the CMS memory

Placement testing

There’s a plenty of features for learning designers to create placement tests for trainees. Some of the perks include:

  • A variety of exercise templates: Multiple choice, Fill-gap, Matchup
  • Dynamic use of exercises that would better assess the language level

Grammar review

Learning designers can now take advantage of the grammar review functionality provided for creating:

  • Tips explaining grammar rules and tricks
  • Grammar training exercises (Highlighter, Fill-gap, Multiple choice, True/False)
  • Smart review options for selected rules of vocabulary

Willing to see it in action?

From a course structure creation to grammar review activities, all of them are managed within a single CMS. Intuitive user interfaces and workflows help learning designers maintain a language course at all stages. See it for yourself!

Ensuring user controls and reporting within an eLearning CMS

  • Multiple user roles

    Safely use your EdTech CMS while granting access to your team. Assign Admin, Editor, Publisher, Trainee roles for seamless, error-free teamwork.

  • Course statistics for quick reporting

    Get insights into the published language learning activities, exercises or export course programs to evaluate the usefulness of the educational materials provided.

With a product mindset approach to the project delivery

“The client expected candidates to not only meet technical standards but also demonstrate a product mindset. Each project member should not just do tasks with no bugs but also think like a learning designer or trainee to contribute better to the product development.

While interviewing candidates to join the project, together with the client, we tested the product mindset skills. We were chasing candidates who succeeded in thinking beyond the task boundaries and proactively suggesting new, fresh ideas with the potential to take the product to the next level.  A proactive approach is what you need to be part of the team. Though it was quite a challenge for us, but being into the product mindset philosophy, we successfully did it.”

— Engineering Manager, Oxagile


Are you in search of the right EdTech partner for your eLearning product?

Oxagile’s team is happy to empower the EdTech projects of learning content aggregators and providers, certification companies. Equipped with a multi-year expertise in the EdTech domain, we could have a win-win match.

Oxagile’s response to other client challenges 

  • Innovation technology adoption

    Our team contributed to the revamping of technologies and engineering approaches to increase the overall performance of the app. Among the initiatives covered by Oxagile were migrating from REST API to GraphQL and extensive code refactoring.

  • Integrations with third-party LMSs

    As part of our client’s b2b service offering, Oxagile’s team was responsible for customizing the language learning platform to enable its trouble-free integration with other learning modules and tools.

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