Project Q&A: A sneak peek at the solution

Who’s the client?

Video streaming solution provider

What’s the solution about?

Online video platform for streaming app quick creation and media content distribution, combined with feature-rich content management tools

What’s the role of Oxagile?

End-to-end OVP development provider

The software through the client’s eyes

What’s going on under the hood of the video management, scheduling, and distribution platform delivered by Oxagile? We’re disclosing the solution’s functional capabilities and workflows.

Media content management from start to finish

Let all of your daily content-related operations go smoothly:

  • Add new content to a video distribution platform in two clicks (bulk ingestion available)
  • Take full control over content folders and collections
  • Instantly find all you need with the advanced search and filtering options
  • Manage media assets with ease. Content embedding, locking it from edits, quick upgrades of poster images are allowed, to name a few.
  • Meet viewers’ language preferences with localization features

A bunch of appealing scheduling opportunities comes as an OTT delivery package deal:

  • Linear live (24/7) and non-linear content scheduling types are available
  • Different playout formats supported: live, VoD-to-live, simultaneous live breakouts, or linear from VoD and live streams
  • Viewer engagement facilitation perks, e.g., live countdown

Linear feed programming is on your side:

  • You rule and maintain the feed content sequence
  • You filter and prioritize the media assets you want to populate
  • You can mix different content types and formats for your linear feeds — VoD collections with live events, video with audio streams

How we enabled content owners to personalize search results with Elasticsearch:

  • Fine adjustments of search tag categorization, including the incorporation of custom fields with metadata
  • Ability to arrange search results and prioritize particular search queries, which directly affects the results shown to the end users

Content syndication without borders

If your strategy relies on OTT content distribution enabled to the max — across your custom apps, social media, and featured video streaming services — our technology solution is designed specifically for this kind of use cases, allowing for:

  • Custom content configuration
  • Facilitation of content redistribution
  • Integration with third-party content ingestion systems
  • Flexibility of feed generation formats, including both video and audio (MRSS, JSON, and iTunes)

Extra perk: Content creation and management without coding efforts

Get boundless creativity with our content management system designed for effortless no-code or low-code creation. Craft bespoke branded viewing experiences and distribute content across TV apps. Creators are empowered to curate captivating content without coding. From intuitive page navigation to eye-catching preview experiences, our CMS revolutionizes content distribution, amplifying your brand’s reach and retaining audiences worldwide.

Key powers you obtain with our CMS

Engagement analytics: Draw data-driven insights

All key parameters at hand

Total/average view time, unique views, views by category/time of day/device type and OS — these and other metrics are available for in-depth user behavior examination.

Going extra mile with Youbora

Our team took advantage of this video analytics service, which let us quickly extend and customize the parameter lists according to clients’ individual requests.

Encouraging meaningful reporting

Our data visualization skills, fueled by intuitive BI tools, help to produce clear reports for content owners and distributors. Having no data science background is not an issue.

Ensuring fault-free performance, addressing every contingency

These actions taken by Oxagile’s performance team eliminate possible minefields associated with the video distribution solution’s performance quality:

  • No abstraction layer for the CMS

    This makes a positive impact on your TV app’s performance, while granting an exceptional UX across all platforms.

  • Harnessing adaptive streaming tech

    End users’ poor internet connection or low bandwidth are no longer bottlenecks in delivering good video content quality.

How Oxagile overcame content monetization constraints in 3 easy steps

Encouraged transactional viewing models

Introduced third-party integration with Brushfire

Got around default payment methods imposed by the Stores

Why content owners can hardly come by our solution

Well-thought-out UX

  • Media lifecycle management workflows staying at the forefront of the system design
  • Client-centered UI principles, like minimal clicks per action
  • Transparency in preparing content for distribution

Smart modular concept

  • Construction kit logic
  • No challenging or time-consuming solution customizations
  • Content distributors and owners instantly get the desired modules

Distribution-first thinking

  • Support for both live streaming and VoD methods of online video delivery
  • Multi-platform coverage, syndication and content localization for a broader audience reach
  • Adjusting to different time zones and an unlimited number of concurrent content streams
Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Online Video, Content management, Business Intelligence
Effort and Duration
Ongoing, 2,456 man-days so far
PHP, Symfony, Ffmpeg, shaka-packager, Vue, Vuex, Bitmovin, Swift, Android SDK, Kotlin, BrightScript, SceneGraph, JavaScript, React, Youbora, Stripe, Brushfire, Blackfire, Wowza, Akamai, Cloudfront, Fastly, AWS ECS, Docker, Kubernetes, ELK