Solution highlights

  • Constantly expanding collection of movies, TV shows, music videos, and more
  • Exclusive HD content available on HD, 4K, SD, etc.
  • Accurate dubbing for Arabic-speaking audiences
  • Hyper-personalized content suggestions
  • Optimization for web, mobile, connected TVs, etc.
  • Multiple subscription options

Business challenge: Streamline value delivery, improve solution quality

The client was looking for a mature tech vendor to enhance the quality of its subscription-based VoD solution available on web, mobile, and connected TVs. The service offers access to the ever increasing collection of movies, TV shows, music videos, and other exclusive HD content, hand-picked and dubbed to cater to Arabic-speaking audiences.

The ambitious and complex nature of the project required both process and technical excellence to orchestrate seamless value delivery while ensuring top-notch quality of experience (QoE) for end users. Key challenges included:

  • Improving the in-house development process
  • Enhancing solution performance
  • Optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Implementing efficient Scrum of Scrums

Ineffective collaboration and communication processes significantly hampered the performance of the growing in-house team. To address the problem of operational inefficiency, the dev team was strengthened with a product-minded Delivery Manager and a Scrum Master who applied SAFe best practices to scale the agile approach.

“Given the project scale, we needed to ensure an effective development process while managing cross-team dependencies. And implementing Scrum of Scrums allowed us to do just that.”

— Andrey, Scrum Master

Closing the OTT performance expertise gap

In addition to streamlining the development process, we brought hands-on OTT experience to the table to help the client improve the video platform quality and boost viewer satisfaction. From architecture-level and code-level refactoring to load and stress testing, our performance engineers have meticulously analyzed and optimized the system to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure reliable operation, while keeping costs under control.

System-wide audit

  • Architecture performance audit
  • Code review and stabilization
  • Hardware and software configurations audit and optimization
  • Reliable AWS capacity planning
  • Consulting on EC2 instances for optimal cost-performance balance

Database optimization

  • PostgreSQL database performance audit
  • Index analysis and duplicate elimination
  • Complex queries identification and optimization
  • Data type optimization to reduce memory usage
  • Cutting database hardware costs in half

Performance testing

  • Low fixed load testing to find bottlenecks at the code level
  • High fixed load testing to assess and reduce response time
  • Longevity testing to identify resource leaks (memory, threads, locks, connections)
  • Ramp-up tests for a tenfold increase in system throughput

Business value: A better-performing VoD platform with optimized TCO

Our OTT performance expertise was instrumental in helping the client achieve business goals in terms of superior quality of experience and better costs vs performance balance.

By scaling the agile approach, we significantly improved operational efficiency and streamlined the value delivery process. Oxagile OTT engineers leveraged their multi-year experience to design the solution architecture and review the code to reduce bugs and improve the underlying logic. Based on the insights from a comprehensive audit, our experts implemented the necessary improvements, optimized system configurations, and helped with reliable pre-release capacity planning.