A leading European application service provider approached Oxagile to re-architecture a custom business process automation solution.

The cloud-based system was built to streamline critical workflows in educational organizations, including attendance tracking, accounting operations, license management, and more.

Civil Engineering
Delivery Model
Agile QA Squad
Effort and Duration
15 months
ASP.NET, MS SQL, NHibernate, RabbitMQ, MassTransit, QuerySurge, JMeter

Project overview

The existing solution had been growing increasingly complex, slow, and hard to maintain. Rolling out new features without introducing regressions and undermining quality became an uphill task.

To address these issues, the client made a decision to migrate to a microservices-based architecture while taking integrations to a new level. This endeavor called for a partner with proven QA capabilities around functional, integration, and performance testing.

To ensure quality, Oxagile provided a dedicated QA team led by a certified Scrum Master and a lead QA engineer. The team set up a predictable Scrum process that emphasized:

  • Seamless collaboration with stakeholders across geographies
  • Managing and prioritizing its own backlog of testing tasks
  • Smooth cadence between the development and testing teams
  • Continuous regression testing within every sprint
  • Weekly reporting on quality for both functional and non-functional requirements

Key highlights

  • Meticulous testing of business-critical functionality (payroll, attendance, financial reporting, resource planning, etc.)
  • Testing complex business logic around license management (flexible pricing based on the number of required user sessions and company accounts)
  • Stringent regression testing for every release (over 3,000 critical regression scenarios)
  • Conducting comprehensive data migration testing during legacy module redesign
  • Over 5,000 integration test cases to test dozens of components and system integrations
  • Robust environment management to facilitate acceptance testing for every microservice
  • Continuous performance analysis, SQL profiling, and bottleneck identification
  • Rigorous stress-testing to support over 10,000 concurrent users