Project Overview

An ambitious Australian start-up partnered with Oxagile to build a mobile solution that quickly connects the elderly with professional help in a wide variety of emergency situations.

A WebRTC-based system allows users to make video calls to their caregivers or a call center for 24/7 support. Enhanced with a real-time location tracking feature, the solution enables call center specialists to send emergency help without delay.

Client: an Australian-based start-up company providing services in the social sector.

Healthcare and Telemedicine
Engagement Model:
Time and Materials
Real-Time Communication
Effort and Duration:
Ongoing, 47 man-months so far
Swift • VIPER • Bolts • Swinject • Moya • Places SDK • VoIP push notifications • PushKit • CallKit • Uber SDK • Retrofit • Picasso • Support Library • Google Maps • Stripe Android SDK • Java • Spring • RESTful Web Services • MongoDB • TokBox SDK • APNs • Firebase Cloud Messaging • Quartz

Business Challenge

An Australian-based start-up was looking to enter the senior care market and tasked Oxagile to develop an emergency help solution. The solution would empower the elderly by putting them in touch with their caregivers or a professional call center for on-the-go support.

The need for emergency help can come at any moment, and the client made it a point to ensure utmost reliability and fast, dependable communication at all times. Since the solution may be used in life-threatening situations when every second counts, the client also stressed the importance of quick call setup enabling users to connect with professional assistance as soon as possible.

Case Highlights

  • End-to-end consultation on the project
  • An easy-to-use solution that empowers the elderly
  • Professional emergency help on-the-go
  • Average call setup time is less than 3 seconds
  • Support for 450+ concurrent video streams per server

Oxagile’s Differentiators

End-to-end involvement
By closely collaborating and getting actively involved in business aspects, Oxagile managed to build a trust relationship with the client and provided expert consultation throughout the entire process — from UI design to development to app market publishing.

Low-risk, predictable process
To accommodate constantly changing requirements and reduce time to market, Oxagile went with the Scrum development model. The tried-and-true agile approach provided transparency into the process and allowed the team to deliver value in the face of harsh deadlines.

Solid tech expertise and commitment to excellence
Extensive WebRTC-related expertise coupled with considerable experience in performance testing and a proven track record of successful mobile solutions made Oxagile a partner of choice for mobile app development.

With several teams working on the project, Oxagile’s Java specialists won the client’s confidence by demonstrating advanced technical skills, reliability, and commitment. As a result, the client delegated backend development to the Oxagile’s team, which helped accelerate the entire development process.

Delivered Solution

By leveraging the TokBox’s WebRTC platform, Oxagile delivered a mobile emergency help solution that comprises a carer and a member apps, as well as a robust backend. The solution caters to the needs of the elderly and their family members and ensures that professional help is at their fingertips at all times.

Multi-party video calls

The system allows users to have a private video chat with up to 3 participants. A robust backend makes intelligent decisions to rely on low-latency peer-to-peer video streaming or switch to audio-only mode in case of bandwidth limitations.

A two-tap Uber request

A seamlessly integrated Uber function makes calling a taxi for older people as easy as possible. With the preloaded user’s home address, a ride home is just two taps away.

Location tracking

Real-time location tracking offers peace of mind to caregivers and family members and allows call center specialists to direct emergency help without delay.

User management

The solution makes it easy for the users to add, edit, and delete their contacts, invite other caregivers via SMS, and register their aging loved ones as members for emergency help on-the-go.

Seamless payment functionality

The system supports a hassle-free card payment function while offering recurring payment options and easy subscription management. A 3D Secure feature adds an extra layer of authentication to protect against fraudulent payments.

Outstanding Reliability

Oxagile addressed the reliability concern with confidence and developed a sophisticated algorithm that checks the battery level to intelligently opt for a video or an audio call.

The constantly evolving algorithm also uses image upload speed and ping time, among other things, to monitor cell reception quality. If the signal is not strong enough for an in-app video call, the solution allows a regular call to take over.

The solution shines in terms of user experience by offering an ultra fast call setup of under 3 seconds to ensure the connection with a carer is almost immediate.

With support for 450+ concurrent video streams per server, the solution guarantees stable and reliable performance under load.

Project Results and Future Plans

The partnership with Oxagile empowered the client to build a robust mobile emergency help solution and drive change in elderly care services. Beta testing is now underway to help deliver a bug-free high-quality product to end users.

Impressed by dedication and professionalism of Oxagile’s engineers, the client plans to engage them further and develop new social sector solutions to establish a firmer foothold in the market.

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