Solution highlights

  • End-to-end consultation on the project
  • An easy-to-use solution that empowers the elderly
  • Professional emergency help on-the-go
  • Average call setup time is less than 3 seconds
  • Support for 450+ concurrent video streams per server

Challenge: Dependable communication, always

An Australian-based start-up was looking to develop an emergency help solution to enable the elderly get in touch with their caregivers or a professional call center on-the-go. As the need for emergency help can come at any moment, the client made it a point to ensure:

  • Quick call setup
  • Reliable communication at all times
  • User’s location tracking

Delivering a reliable solution for emergency help on-the-go

Invited as WebRTC experts for video chat implementation, Oxagile’s Java specialists won the client’s confidence by demonstrating advanced technical skills, reliability, and commitment. As a result, the client delegated backend development to the Oxagile’s team, which helped accelerate the entire development process.

By leveraging the Vonage WebRTC platform, Oxagile delivered a mobile emergency help solution that comprises a carer and a member apps, as well as a robust backend.

Ensuring peace of mind

  • Low-latency P2P video calls
  • Private video chats with up to 3 participants
  • Seamlessly integrated Uber function for two-tap taxi request
  • Real-time location tracking to direct help without delay

User management

  • Adding, editing, and deleting contacts
  • Inviting other caregivers via SMS
  • Registering one’s aging relatives as members for emergency help on-the-go

Payment functionality

  • Hassle-free card payment
  • Recurring payment options
  • Easy subscription management
  • 3D Secure feature for an extra layer of authentication

Outstanding reliability

To address the reliability concern, Oxagile developed a robust backend that leverages a constantly evolving algorithm for intelligent communication decisions. The factors checked by the algorithm include:

  • Bandwidth and network type (2G, 3G)
  • Battery level
  • Image upload speed
  • Ping time

In case of low battery or bandwidth limitations, the solution switches to audio-only mode or even allows a regular call to take over if the signal is not strong enough for an in-app call.

With support for 450+ concurrent video streams per server, the solution guarantees stable and reliable performance under load. The app also shines in terms of user experience by offering an ultra fast call setup of under 3 seconds to ensure the connection with a carer is almost immediate.

Business value

The partnership with Oxagile empowered the client to build a robust mobile emergency help solution and drive change in elderly care services. Beta testing is now underway to help deliver a bug-free high-quality product to end users. Impressed by the dedication and professionalism of Oxagile’s engineers, the client plans to engage them further and develop new social sector solutions to establish a firmer foothold in the market.

“Throughout this period, we have found Oxagile to provide consistently high quality resources and output. The team contributed not just to development tasks, but also had significant input into challenging design decisions and problem solving. Output has been consistent, reliable and of high standard.
We have no hesitation in recommending Oxagile as a very capable and enthusiastic addition to any development team.”

— Andrew Leigh, CEO, Guardian Pty Ltd