The hero: Let's get acquainted

Who’s the protagonist?

Large content distributor and broadcaster

Why did the company reach out to Oxagile?

They required specialized UI/UX proficiency to develop a custom multi-screen OTT app

What’s the conclusion of this story?

Platform-specific and intuitive interfaces for end viewers

The UX/UI audit reveals the project’s pain points

“When a client approaches us with their visionary concepts for an upcoming project, we stand prepared to extend our assistance and expertise across all phases of development, spanning from research to testing. Whether through collaborative efforts or assuming responsibility for specific aspects of the development process, we ensure comprehensive support.

Being initially presented with interface practices, we emphasized the critical points that could influence the end-user viewing experience and subsequent app submission to the store. For example, compliance with platform guidelines proved challenging. Overlooking nuances such as TV UX ergonomics — where viewers typically sit 3–4 meters away — was a significant consideration. Furthermore, achieving intuitive user experiences for end users remained an area for improvement.”
— UI/UX Designer, Oxagile

Defining the key challenges

  • Multiple platforms

    Covering various platforms — web, Android TV, mobile — posed a multifaceted test. We prioritized TV interfaces, gradually expanding to ensure a seamless UX across all devices.

  • Cross-cultural UX design

    Adapting to right-to-left reading, censoring imagery, and positioning UI elements like logos and buttons demanded precise attention to detail and the cultural sensitivity of the market.

Revealing our UI/UX approach that resonated with the client’s needs

These are the key pillars of our successful UI/UX best practices for OTT platforms. We strive to define a win-win synergy among these factors.


Pillar 1: Platform guides

We’re sharing our proficiency in design guidelines for multiple platforms, including Smart TVs, set-top boxes, web, mobile, and tablet apps. Oxagile creates eye-catching app designs for users, also considering the intricacies of publishing them for each corresponding platform.


Pillar 2: Target audience research

When assessing content distribution strategies, we conduct a target audience analysis, specifically identifying demographic information, behavioral, geographic, psychographic, and more complex data that may be important to the business. In this way, we ensure that interfaces are viable for target regions.


Pillar 3: Business requirements

We ensure that platform-specific nuances and potential align with business objectives by revisiting requirements, which may encompass budgetary constraints and considerations for fast time-to-market.


Pillar 4: Device proficiency

With nearly 20 years of experience in OTT streaming, we have worked with almost all device versions, allowing us to develop UI/UX best practices that cater to the characteristics of every screen.

Are you ready to experience our cutting-edge UI/UX mastery?

Happy closure: Witness the culmination with your own eyes

User interfaces tailored for multiple TV screens

Discover appealing designs and intuitive user experiences crafted to captivate viewers across various TVs, be they Samsung, LG, or others. From seamless navigation to engaging content displays, we enhanced the digital entertainment experience on big screens.

UI/UX portfolio designed for different web browsers

Our portfolio features responsive layouts for movie pages, recommendation lists, and engaging content viewing experiences on the web. Through intuitive interfaces and seamless flows, we deliver a user-friendly media streaming experience with every click.

UI/UX portfolio designed for different web browsers

UI/UX design adjusted to iOS- and Android-based mobile devices

Step into our mobile user interfaces, where single pages, personalized recommendations, and TV series take center stage. Explore seamless navigation, captivating visuals, and personalized content experiences designed to delight users on the go.

Explore the next chapter of our collaboration with the client

Challenged to streamline the performance of the subscription-based VoD solution for Arabic-speaking audiences, we helped the content distributor enhance their in-house development processes, boosting solution performance and optimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).