Project overview

A global certification institute partnered with Oxagile to build a flexible badging solution that would allow badge issuers to award, customize, and track digital badges, while enabling IT professionals to highlight their achievements with industry-recognized credentials.

Client: a leading European independent certification institute with a primary focus on ICT professionals.

Case highlights

  • A certification institute trusted by 2,000,000+ ICT professionals
  • The solution serves up to 3,000 users per hour
  • Support for 100,000+ accounts in the system
  • Codebase quality in the top 30% according to an independent audit by a renowned consultancy firm
  • A highly skilled team of specialists with over 45 years of combined experience
  • 100% GDPR compliance to meet strict EU privacy regulations
Professional Services, Education
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
Ongoing, 50 man-months so far
.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, Core 2.0, MSSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Bootstrap, SASS

Business challenge

As a leading certification authority with more than 30 years of experience, the client wanted to enhance learning outcomes with verifiable and easily shareable digital badges to promote a badge earner’s achievements. In addition to expanding its online presence, the client was looking to open up new revenue streams by offering business users a subscription to the solution.

Knowing that the maintenance phase constitutes up to 80% of the total cost, the client placed utmost importance on supreme product quality and expected an easily maintainable, robust solution that would sustain 100,000+ registered users.

Demanding quality expectations were paired with tight deadlines as the first project phase had to be completed within 3 months — from scratch.

The client was also concerned with meeting Europe’s tough data protection regulations and needed a competent vendor able to provide end-to-end GDPR implementation services.

Picking the right team for the job

To address the customer’s needs, Oxagile assembled a team of 5 experts spearheaded by a lead engineer with over 20 years of professional experience.

With a proven track record of successful projects, Oxagile was able to demonstrate its developers’ ability to write clean, modular, readable code. In addition, the team thoroughly analyzed the client’s business context and adapted the company’s code guidelines and best practices to align them with the client’s specific requirements.

To meet the tight time-to-market deadline, Oxagile leveraged its flexible yet predictable Scrum process, enabling the client to frequently roll out new functionality and stay on schedule at all times.

Delivered solution

Oxagile delivered a robust Open Badges solution that allows IT professionals to earn verifiable digital credentials and promote them on social and professional networks. From an easy-to-use dashboard, a user can choose to accept badges, make them visible, export to Mozilla Backpack, and share across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote their career.

In line with the client’s goal to boost revenues, the solution comes with multiple subscription options for business users and offers seamless integration with the existing infrastructure. By using the solution, badge issuers can award, edit, and revoke digital badges, add custom templates, track badges and users, and more.

Underpinned by .NET Core 2.0, the robust system is able to serve up to 3,000 users per hour, while supporting 100,000+ user accounts. To ensure a great user experience, the solution leverages a flexible API and a highly optimized backend to create a new user or issue a badge in less than 3 seconds.

Relying on the company-wide expertise and best practices, Oxagile’s team delivered a solution that meets the client’s high maintainability standards. An independent audit agency meticulously examined the code objective metrics and proved the codebase to be highly analyzable, modifiable, testable, reusable, and modular.

Solution’s Key Features and Highlights
  • Ability to issue, edit, and revoke digital credentials
  • A convenient dashboard for easy tracking of users and badges
  • Seamless integration with in-house IT infrastructure
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Ability to share digital badges on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Compatible with Mozilla Backpack
Business Value

By partnering with Oxagile, the client was able to expand its offering with a new badge issuing platform that would help attract business partners and create additional revenue streams.

To cut the solution maintenance costs, Oxagile’s team followed strict code guidelines to ensure clean, high-quality code. The code analyzed by an independent audit agency scored in the top 30% on maintainability, which is well above the market average.

A thorough understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation requirements allowed the team to confidently guide the client through a compliance procedure. The delivered solution is in line with the applicable GDPR legislation, giving the client complete peace of mind.