A glimpse into the project

Client we’ve partnered with:

A U.S.-based HR consulting company

Solution designed by Oxagile:

A modern coaching portal providing an intuitive UX and streamlined navigation across desktop and mobile

Chief project goal:

To ensure a great user experience and open up new revenue channels via premium content sales, corporate training programs, and paid telecoaching

Portal renewal top of mind

What’s the solution about?

The client’s initial ambition was to give HR professionals a hand with mastering their skills and let applicants find their dream jobs. That’s how a portal for eLearning, consulting, and coaching purposes was born.

Earning the reputation

Time was passing, and portal users were getting used to the solution’s design and navigation. First off, this seemed nice because it was all familiar, so both parties, HR specialists and job seekers, felt at ease while surfing around the website.

HR portal updates required

However, the urge to upgrade a custom experience was strong in the end — the UI began to be perceived as obsolete, to say nothing of the quite limited set of features available.

What were the fundamental transformations?

  • Total design revamp

  • Feature enrichment

Core functionality covered

Never-before-seen search mechanism

A powerful, category-driven content search across the entire library of resources

Advanced buying and selling options

Thanks to a full-fledged eCommerce module, complete with seamless PayPal integration

Premium career programs for job seekers

Covering resume building, group sessions, and one-on-one coaching

Comprehensive content library

Ebooks, white papers, articles, multimedia modules (podcasts and webinars)

AdTech included

Advertising modules for building and placing various custom promos and special deals


Tight integration with a third-party CRM for client nurturing and relationship management

Professional Services
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
4 months, 4.5 man-months
PHP, Front-End, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery