Sneak peek at the project


An American institute providing mortgage education and licensing to mortgage loan originators and other professionals


A user-friendly LMS platform designed to create, distribute, and resell professional development courses, including those compliant with industry-leading SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 eLearning standards.

Oxagile’s role

End-to-end LMS development provider

Highlighting business goals first

The client — an American institution specializing in mortgage loan origination (MLO) education — approached Oxagile with an ambitious vision of a custom EdTech solution that would help achieve a whole set of business objectives in one go. The future platform needed to:


the client’s market position as a premier provider of MLO training.


the client’s eLearning offering to other fields via the integration with third-party content providers.


as a white-label solution for distribution based on flexible subscription models.

Challenges facing the project

SCORM compliance

To ensure smooth ingestion and playback of third-party content, the system needed to adhere to the widely accepted SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards. The client could not risk SCORM integration problems hindering UX and hurting business reputation.

Intricate business logic, neat UI

Oxagile would need to work out the complex business logic that is the hallmark of eLearning platforms, as well as provide their deep UX expertise to deliver a product that would combine a wide range of capabilities with a highly usable, intuitive UI.

To deliver on short notice

The solution had to be developed under a tight deadline as the customer needed to have a fully working, production-quality system by the end of the year the project started — to meet the annual accreditation needs of mortgage loan origination professionals.

3, 2, 1 Project Start
Oxagile’s team leveraged its multi-year eLearning experience to propose the optimal architecture for the future LMS, while taking into account the broad scope of SCORM requirements.

Oxagile’s EdTech experts joined forces with a seasoned Scrum Master to help create, refine, and prioritize the product backlog and set up a flexible, predictable development process that could accommodate changes in requirements down the road.

Solution delivered by Oxagile: How does it look?

The delivered product provides all the necessary means for setting up a virtual university that supports a complete distance learning cycle — from course search and selection to applicant enrollment, to step-by-step course completion, to certification, accreditation, and licensing.

The platform also acts as a tool for creating and distributing professional development courses in any field. The successfully implemented support for the SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards makes the system compatible with a wealth of eLearning programs, which provides an important monetization source for the client.

Course builder

The centerpiece of the solution is an advanced course builder that allows compiling a course on the basis of 12 different lesson types, including SCORM-compliant modules, case studies, presentations, reading assignments, surveys, external resources, class discussions, webinars, video tasks, and quizzes.

The quiz module lets instructors author complex quizzes, either based on the provided question bank or by creating custom questions.

Smart search module

It’s a full-fledged course recommendation engine that suggests courses on the basis of profile data, previous learning history, and other parameters.

The system analyzes the whole span of state-specific certification requirements, takes into account a learner’s current qualifications and credits, and finally displays the right courses they need to take for a valid license.

Subscription options

The system offers five subscription types (Basic, Plus, Premium, Enterprise, and Admin). Each tenant gets a unique domain to establish a self-contained virtual university where they can create and distribute courses. White-label functionality allows customizing themes, colors, and logos.

The number of courses and learners available to a tenant depends on the subscription type. Large-scale businesses benefit from the internal credits system, as it makes it easy to reward and motivate employees within corporate training programs.

More features available


Learners can enroll in courses or course bundles and pick the instructor, timetable, and delivery method that work best for them.

Flexible course delivery

Multiple delivery methods to choose from, including blended, instructor-led, self-study, and webinars.

Video powers

Video lessons come with resumable playback and YouTube embedding functionality, supporting both desktop and mobile devices.

Easy progress tracking

The instructor dashboard allows tracking the students’ progress and offering guidance if needed.

Communication and alerts

Interaction features, like personal messaging, forums, and chats, and handy notifications for specific dates.

eCommerce module

Learners can buy courses via PayPal or internal credits.

Powerful certificate builder

The system provides a library of customizable, dynamic templates, complete with e-signature support. Certificates can be exported as PDFs.

Full-blown support system

The functionality includes creating tickets, setting their priority, tracking their status, and redirecting tickets within the system.

Detailed reports

The solution generates meaningful reporting to cover a great variety of metrics, including users, purchases, tickets, courses, and more.

Project results

After just 8 months of development, the customer received a state-of-the-art LMS that strengthens their position as a top-quality eLearning provider.

Effortless integration of SCORM-compliant content and the ability to create such content make the platform a universal professional education tool, while its white-label functionality and diverse subscription options open up new revenue channels.

Oxagile’s team demonstrated its ability to meet tight deadlines and respond to changing business requirements without sacrificing product quality.

Currently, the system is being prepared for release and is already generating interest from potential third-party content providers.

Education, Professional Services
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
8 months, 40 man-months
PHP, Front-End, Symfony, JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML5, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, nginx, PayPal API, AWS