Our client’s wish list that brought them our way

Easy scalability

“We are starting small but aiming to rapidly grow our user base, giving our singles access to a wide pool of options. That’s why we need a robust backend capable of handling many requests at once without compromising the user experience or sacrificing the app’s performance and loading speed.”

Easy scalability

Welcoming environment

“We’re looking for an interface that gives users a warm welcome without bombarding them with too many distracting features. But it shouldn’t be all about pictures. It should capture the natural way people evaluate each other up in person.”

Holistic AI matching

“People don’t always know what they like until it’s put in front of them. So the AI matching algorithm should go beyond mutual interests or filtering candidates based on one or two appearance features from previous swipes.”

Holistic AI matching

From idea to sharing the app with the world

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Our dating app developers crafted all elements of an engaging user experience, from a color theme that evokes the desired emotions to an interface where users grasp everything with just a glance at the screen and where every action can be completed in the fewest possible steps.



Tailoring the development process to the client’s budget and time preferences, we determined a tech stack that supports optimal performance and delivered a reliable and easily scalable architecture that accommodates any future enhancements.



Before unveiling the dating app to the world, our Quality Assurance team followed a continuous testing process, emphasizing automation and an iterative approach to ensure optimal quality control. We established observability across the entire product, encompassing software, hardware, and business aspects, to promptly detect issues and understand their causes and locations. And the clearly outlined SLA instilled confidence in the releases, regardless of their frequency.


Analytics integration

Having identified key metrics and KPIs — such as drop-off points or feature adoption rates — we set up a systematic process of data collecting and processing. Leveraging the capabilities of BI tools, we also transformed this data into visualizations and dashboards, ensuring effective product enhancements in the future.

Features that match statistical data with destiny

Finding soulmates like it’s the easiest thing in the world

  • Rich user profiles including short audio and video clips
  • Enhanced compatibility assessments through in-depth questionnaires and versatile discovery preferences
  • AI-generated recommendations on optimizing profile elements, photo selection, profile completeness, and bio information
  • Location precision and global matching options
  • Matching potential partners based on the locations they commonly visit
  • Data-driven algorithms to deliver tailored matches by understanding user preferences, interests, and behaviors
  • User feedback integration that allows users to provide reactions to their dating experiences

AI-driven facial recognition

Loving profoundly, swiping securely

  • AI-driven facial recognition for profile verification and identification of patterns indicative of fake and fraudulent profiles
  • Registration via trusted social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • User requests for additional photos from their matches after the start of the interaction
  • Point-to-point network TLS encryption and end-to-end message AES encryption
  • Real-time inappropriate content and photo detection and blurring
  • Intuitive reporting system

Mimicking real-life communication vibes

  • Fully integrated in-app video calling
  • Option to automatically send fully customizable opening messages or fun quizzes when a match occurs, even if the user is offline
  • Access to the in-app store to buy and send virtual gifts
  • Game-style suggestions for the first date, tailored to the user’s or their match’s location
  • “Spaces” where users unite based on shared interests, goals, even concerts they are about to attend, and more

Wondering about the price tag for a dating app like this or a similar one?

We’re pretty skilled with inboxes and phone call responses too, so hit us up for all the details!

Technologies that made it all possible

Our latest addition to the app

We’ve blended our easy-to-use and fast-to-set-up Video Conferencing Platform (VCP) directly into the app, letting couples effortlessly share authentic emotions without switching between different apps. For a closer look at how VCP works in action — take a moment to watch the video.