Case highlights

  • Fostering a strong relationship with key clientele
  • Dramatically reinforcing closed-loop healthcare marketing campaigns
  • Gaining valuable insights into top marketing trends
  • Upgrading product promotion strategies and creative tactics
Professional Services
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Content management
Effort and Duration
30 months, 120 man-months
.NET • HTML5 • CSS3 • JavaScript

Project overview

Oxagile helped a well-known British advertising agency strengthen their relationship with key clientele by efficiently developing dozens of compelling, interactive, mobile-optimized websites.

As a result, the agency was able to dramatically reinforce their closed-loop marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights into top marketing trends to upgrade their product promotion strategies accordingly.

The project was carried out according to the ODC model, with Oxagile promptly providing skilled frontend engineers within the required tech stack.


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