Two quotes unveiling the whole story

Our client
Our client:
“As a U.S.-based provider of innovative software solutions designed to help dental professionals optimize front office management and marketing, we aimed to expand our current system’s user base, offer our system at a higher price point, and introduce new functionality for tracking expenses and profits.”
“We’ve created a specialized marketing component that helps automate patient engagement and vastly improve revenue generation. The solution integrates with the specific clinic’s Practice Management System (PMS) to search medical records, reach out to the right patients, and enable them to instantly schedule online. The analytics module keeps track of campaigns and produces detailed ROI reports.”

5 quick facts

10 critical ROI reporting metrics
100% HIPAA compliance for the security of electronically exchanged health information
12% to 30% conversion rate increase for an average client
Integration with major dental PMS providers like Carestream, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft
Handling around 1,000 mailing items of one type per campaign

A closer look: Understanding the client's business challenges

For several years, the client had been developing and distributing a SaaS marketing platform for dental practices and DSOs (dental service organizations). To upsell the platform and stay ahead of its competitors, it was paramount to add new functionality with a focus on three key business goals:

  • Running multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Reactivating patients as well as engaging new ones
  • Calculating ROI and choosing the most lucrative strategies

How did the solution hit all targeting and revenue measurement goals?


To meet the client’s fixed price and flexible scope requirements, we adapted the Scrum model, forming a team of frontend and backend specialists as well as QA engineers led by a Certified Scrum Master.

To provide the HIPAA-approved level of records protection, the system underwent stringent security testing, covering data protection, authentication, authorization, and encryption strength.


From an architectural standpoint, the solution combines a robust PHP-powered API server with a React-based SPA on the frontend. Furthermore, to seamlessly integrate the module with the existing high-traffic system, we leveraged the efficiency of Golang.

The feature-rich essence of the solution

Core components

  • Synchronization with major dental PMS
  • Rich analytics around the generated leads, conversions, and ROI
  • Automated SEO and PPC campaign execution
  • Selectable practice growth mode, from conservative to aggressive
  • Custom postcard template builder integrated with the Lob postcard service
  • Integration with social media, online directories, and reviews sites

Advanced tools

Integration with dental records systems

The component can easily extract valuable data from clinical records for scheduling, campaign targeting, and revenue calculation. It utilizes information like available chair time, cancellations, and previous visits to fill scheduling gaps with new patients.

Easy data sharing

With a large portion of the necessary information pulled straight from the PMS, creating campaigns becomes a lot easier. The solution maps the entirety of the clinic’s services and service providers onto a number of categories to make them more manageable.

Fast campaign launch

The marketing manager has only to pick the required type of service (hygiene, implants, orthodontics, etc.), provider (hygienist or doctor), and type of patient (new patient, unused treatment credit, regular appointment) from a drop-down list to quickly filter the targeted patients and launch the campaign.

Optimal marketing message

The preferred mode of communication can be adjusted in each individual case, with the list of options including emails, SMS, voice messages, and paper postcards. Users can choose from a library of templates or create their own personalized messages.

No missed opportunities

A distinct feature of the solution is automated campaigns that run in the background and reach out to patients whenever they start fitting a certain set of attributes (e.g., when the recommended period of time between dental hygiene appointments runs out).

360-degree analytics

Interactive dashboards display a wide range of statistics, such as new patients gained, campaign costs by media type, estimated revenue by communication method, and more. By analyzing costs and patient behavior statistics, the system can highlight campaigns with the highest ROI and the most profitable zip codes in the area.

Easy start with a three-step wizard

Step 1

Describe your business

To start working with the system, the marketing manager needs to fill in the practice’s business details (open hours, staff qualifications, maturity of the business, marketing budget, etc.) and specify the growth goal (aggressive, moderate, or conservative).

Step 2

Plan ahead

Based on these details and imported statistics, the system automatically calculates and displays the growth goals for the next year, including the number of new patients and projected revenue.

Step 3

Take action

In the last step, the system uses the determined growth goals and available budget amount to suggest the most effective campaigns for the practice. All the marketing manager has to do is to adjust the campaign’s strategy to their liking and set the start date.

Business impact of the increased operational efficiency

The implemented module has become an integral part of the client’s specialized marketing platform and proved to be one of the most popular services that dental clinics are subscribing to.

Users attest to the clarity and intuitiveness of the dashboards, providing crystal-clear insights into revenue, costs, new patient statistics, and campaign management, as well as empowering users to pinpoint and rectify inefficiencies.

On average, users report a 12% to 30% increase in conversion rates for their campaigns, and a significant awareness improvement among their target demographics.

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
7 months, 50 man-months
Go, Node.js, JavaScript, Symfony, React, PostgreSQL, Twilio, Mailjet, BEE, Lob Bitly