Collaboration partner showcase

  • Service marketplace facilitating connections between customers and service providers.
  • Operating primarily in Europe.
  • Considering expansion into the lucrative US market.

Fueling market conquest with tech partnership

“Our platform connects leads with service providers, transitioning into B2C collaborations with agencies located worldwide. Time is critical, and swift contract conclusions with high-quality leads are key. To conquer the market, we must act fast and efficiently to be adept at handling diverse contractor workflows and lead delivery methods. As we evolve in our market niche, having a long-term technology partner we can rely on for various technological challenges is essential.”
— The client’s team representative

Guided by three objectives

Speedy time-to-market

Responding to immediate business requirements without extensive onboarding procedures.

Faster value delivery

Mitigating the potential for financial setbacks during prolonged onboarding phases.

Advanced product expertise

Struggle to develop a product mindset within distributed project teams.

Highlighting the project scenes

4 teams contributing to the product success

Highlighting the project scenes

Scene 1: Tailoring intermediary services for global markets

“Our approach to custom platform integrations with the partners’ customer management systems is all about tailoring services that work seamlessly for them. As intermediaries, our objective is straightforward: Efficiently guiding leads to their required destination, whether it aligns with the EU 'first come, first served' approach or the US ping-posting market workflows.”
— Engineering Manager at Oxagile

The best practices behind the market expansion

Rapid deployment for newcomers

Our standardized integration services ensure swift implementation due to the core framework’s scalability for major platforms like ActiveProspect, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Flexible adjustment of partner needs

The key to success lies in understanding the specifics of the lead management processes of each market and client, ensuring our services adapt smoothly to the particular requirements.

Scene 2: Migrating legacy applications to embrace system scalability

Efficient scaling during peak loads

Ensure optimal performance and system resource utilization.

Seamless operation during service failures

Guarantee uninterrupted service delivery and minimize downtime.

Facilitating hassle-free modifications

Allow for quick adjustments without complex interventions.

At the heart of this transformation lies a robust Kubernetes cluster orchestrating pods for applications operation. This centralized approach empowers optimized resource allocation and vigilant usage monitoring.

The results speak volumes:

  • A new storage management platform deployed, empowered by Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform/Terragrunt
  • Enhanced service security fortified by the Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF)
  • Monitoring capabilities streamlined due to Datadog Application Performance Monitoring
  •, which is a development portal, introduced to boost service creation with its one-click deployment functionality

Scene 3: Driving impactful marketing campaigns through technical optimization

Alleviating strain on internal servers

The volume of emails sent and stored internally risks potential downtime and system failures. Enabling extra CRM servers can effectively reduce the load on the client’s internal ones. Thus, we can ensure the seamless delivery of emails, while safeguarding the reliability and performance of the systems.

Enhancing agility and flexibility in email marketing

To enable a no-code approach when driving marketing promotion scenarios, we integrated Iterable, a leading third-party CRM solution, with the client’s platform. Its intuitiveness enables sales specialists to design and implement custom workflows with unprecedented ease. By avoiding complex coding and manual interventions, the team responds swiftly to market demands.

Scene 4: Enabling the validation of a smart pricing engine

  • All the pricing models under one roof

    By harmonizing two distinct price management logics into a unified landscape, we seamlessly integrated a new ML-based pricing service with the existing system.

  • A/B user testing launched

    Due to the seamless integration, the client has effectively validated the viability of this innovative ML-based pricing concept.

Next steps and challenges ahead

Excited about our successful first year, our client eagerly anticipates expanding our partnership with new collaborative endeavors in the upcoming year. As we tackle the short-term challenge of streamlining our partner’s expansion into the US market, our focus remains on adjusting our system’s capabilities to meet the specific demands of ping-posting lead management. Through strategic planning and collaborative efforts, we are both committed to achieving even greater success together.