The key aspects of the solution

To ensure immersive live or self-paced foreign language learning and hit the goal of helping knowledge providers save time, Oxagile has crafted an easy-to-use eLearning application for schools and other educational establishments with rich eLearning capabilities.

  • eLearning powerhouse for students

    The app enables remote language course completion, offers self-assessment exercises and opportunities for practice through speech recordings alongside original videos or audios.

  • Unified activities hub for educators

    The solution simplifies student learning monitoring and progress tracking by conducting live exams with grading and leveraging automatic feedback and scoring.

There’s a lot to take advantage of

We aimed at developing a solution that would bring together the best parts of different platforms into a unified and cohesive system. This would not only provide tutors with full visibility into students' performance and streamline course provision workflows, but also facilitate students' access to all exercises, cards, feedback, videos, and other educational materials in one user-friendly place.

Have we hit the mark? Let's take a closer look.
— Project Manager

Hassle-free customization of training

One can import existing lesson materials or use the in-built tools to create interactive video tasks, assessments, tests, questionnaires, and tons of other exercises.

Neat UIs across platforms

Designed for cross-platform accessibility, the application operates smoothly both on iOS and Android for maximum outreach.

Infinite scalability

The application is all set to begin with a single class and expand as more educators join or more classes and different student groups appear.

Effortless resource management

All teaching materials, files, exercises, classes, student submissions, and feedback can be efficiently handled within this platform.

Security and student tracking

To ensure clear attendance tracking, students can join lessons by either scanning a QR code or clicking on a unique lesson link.

Versatile feedback options

To provide guidance to students on pronunciation, writing, or vocabulary, teachers can instantly leave feedback through text, audio, or live one-to-one video calls.

Here’s how and why users rely on this eLearning solution

I just have to share how awesome this tool has been for our online language courses. Our fantastic teachers, old and new, are loving it. No confusion, loads of authoring tools — perfect! They share that it's not just saving precious time every day during prep and classes but also helps with our key goal — making learning something way more than just passive absorption.

Cross-Platform eLearning Solution

Are we satisfied with the result?

This solution caters to the primary needs of both learners, who appreciate having lesson files, materials, feedback, and exercises conveniently accessible in one place, and knowledge providers, who value the ability to proficiently and effectively organize online student learning and easily create their own interactive audio and video materials.

Moreover, this platform can act as an all-in-one real-time communication tool, allowing live video and audio chats, screen sharing, and the option to create groups and pairs for interactive discussions and role plays to boost speaking skills.

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
8 months, 42 man-months
Java, Mobile, iOS, Android, Objective-C, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL