We’re pleased to meet you!

How are things going? Whatever brings you down, from clients saying farewell because of uncompetitive pricing or system failures to a lack of control over revenue and futile user engagement attempts, will give way to a new chapter of your business growth.

With about 20 years of experience in delivering video solution development services, we know how to turn the page for our clients. Oxagile is glad to offer you various collaboration scenarios:

End-to-end system integrator

  • Video processing and delivery pipeline setup
  • Solution architecture optimization
  • Scalability enablement

Software development partner

  • Custom frontend solutions and D2C apps
  • Backend software development
  • New features or integration layers

Innovative technology enabler

  • Artificial intelligence for media processing automation and recommendations
  • Data analytics for content curation and audience intelligence

Let’s dive into the areas where we can be of service

What are your goals to grow stronger in a video domain? Whether you’re working on revamping your content offering or taking your OTT platform to a new performance level, as a video solutions development company, we’ve got some tips for your action plans to be spot on.

Enable multi-platformity

When users are ready to go online and absorb their favorite content, they expect to get smooth access to it from different devices including tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs. Oxagile’s frontend team anticipates viewers’ expectations, making the apps accessible across multiple platforms and devices including:

Boost automation

If media processing and delivery workflows are going slowly and require much effort, thus hindering service development, our team will let you forget about going manual and snail-paced. What we suggest for the triumph of efficiency:

  • Automation of MAM processes
  • Facilitation of partner collaboration
  • Improvements in promo management
  • Streamlining content syndication flows
  • High-speed video processing with artificial intelligence
  • Subtitles and dubbing automation

Go by analytics, not intuition

Do you know precisely what viewers want or hit their preferences by guesswork? Oxagile’s team stands for a data-driven approach to get closer to your audience’s wants and needs. How about relying on our big data expertise for:

  • Powerful analytics of viewer behavior and interests
  • Extracting valuable insights about your audience
  • Analyzing the performance of streaming services?

Engage through interactivity and personalization

Does your service offering leave your audience unmoved? Does a steadily growing subscription rate feel like winning the Olympic games? If so, it’s time to raise the degree of personalization. Here are some of our clues to win over more users:

  • Adding second-screen experience as a value-added benefit
  • Personalization and content management at the user side
  • Leveraging AI tools for smart recommendations
  • Data intelligence for effective content curation and ad personalization

Offer laid-back viewing with FAST

Price-conscious consumers never stop chasing after more affordable and better focused streaming services, which inevitably impacts the viewer churn rate. Let’s expand the subscriber base, adding FAST channels to your service and thus giving users more choice.

What helps us provide a personalized laid-back experience:

  • Premium live streaming delivery knowledge
  • Data intelligence expertise for audience analytics
  • Video advertising workflow automation
  • Implementation of visual programming and scheduling tools

Adopt NextGen TV

Ready to start migrating to a new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard and develop a positive brand relationship with your audience through premium live experiences and benefits of interactive OTT streaming? Oxagile’s R&D department delves into the possibilities of rapid upgrades of video delivery software infrastructure and contributes to:

  • Moving to the NextGen TV streaming standard
  • Merging OTT and OTA into a hybrid ATSC 3.0-enabled infrastructure

A complex video delivery life cycle made easy

Are you keeping a set-up or optimization top of mind? Either for exceeding your audience’s high expectations of live streams or expanding your client base thanks to the system scalability, we’re ready to get involved and offer you:

Performance engineering

  • Designing video streaming pipelines
  • Ensuring smooth video processing and delivery
  • Providing an immersive live sport and show experience
  • Intelligently identifying network issues in advance
  • Enabling AI-powered data traffic flows for uninterrupted streaming

Overall infrastructure improvement

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Building microservices architecture
  • System integration
  • Media transcoding framework support

Our OTT development expertise at a glance

Comprehensive OTT app development is only a tiny part of the services Oxagile delivers. Our decades-long customization, integration, and innovation enablement expertise in the video domain can become a foundation of your custom streaming solutions.

Sharing all the best Oxagile has to offer with you

2 decades of service

20 years of our hands-on video streaming experience will fuel every inch of your custom software development project.

Highest quality standards

Our mission is to safeguard the cost-effectiveness of your project as we deliver the solution excellence outright, with zero need for rework.

Tech agnosticism

No bias or favoritism in selecting tech options rules out the imposition of a particular technology for your project, as there is no “one size fits all” tool.

You ask, we answer

What’s the secret of streaming platform development?

The secret of streaming platform development is user-centric innovation. It involves crafting intuitive front-end apps, extending them across multiple screens, and leveraging technology for content personalization and interactive viewing. By utilizing second-screen apps, smart content recommendations, and AI-driven tech perks, streaming platforms can create immersive experiences that captivate viewers and keep them coming back for more. It’s about understanding and meeting the needs of users, fostering engagement, and building lasting connections.

What types of streaming platforms are dominating the market for online video solutions?

In recent years, online video solutions have facilitated various content monetization models, including AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD. These platforms serve the dual purpose of meeting the demands of content distributors and satisfying the preferences of end viewers, thereby addressing diverse content delivery requirements. Among these models, video-on-demand (VOD) has emerged as the undisputed leader in the online video market, and here’s why: users can access vast content libraries, receive tailored suggestions, and stream on-demand across various devices, making VOD the go-to choice for flexible entertainment.

What are the benefits of a custom video platform?

Creating a custom video platform can yield numerous benefits. Through the development of direct-to-consumer apps customized for specialized sectors such as education and sports clubs, these platforms empower organizations with enhanced control over content performance. By bypassing intricate content partner negotiations, they offer comprehensive insights into audience behavior and preferences. This higher control over revenue distribution allows organizations to maximize their content investment returns while delivering a seamless, personalized viewing journey for their audience.