Interactive platform for Ibiza-style live music events

As remote has now become the new norm, an ambitious startup, has envisioned a new format for streaming much loved DJ raves and other music events to craving audiences. The startup brings together emotion-packed experiences of live events and interactive social features in a single phygital entertainment platform.

To launch with a bang, the client planned a weekend-long live stream of top DJs from across the world. Powerful live streaming capabilities as well as the support for potentially hundreds of thousands of virtual party-goers were of critical importance for the client.  To accommodate the scale and demand, the tech stack of choice was AWS Elemental.

In order to meet the tight two-week deadline, the client selected Oxagile as a vendor with hands-on expertise in Amazon products and solid media streaming knowledge.

As the client had a very strict time frame, our multi-year AWS Media Services and AWS Elemental expertise helped us accelerate the process and build a robust live streaming backend in record time and with minimum investments.”

— Igor, Project Manager

A two-week sprint to a successful launch

A major part of the sprint was devoted to eliciting and analysing business and technical requirements in order to build a strong foundation for further activity. The team with senior DevOps engineers on board continuously communicated with AWS system architects to ensure the resulting architecture is optimized for the upcoming live event.

Setting up a live streaming pipeline

By leveraging the modular nature of AWS Elemental, our DevOps engineers set up and integrated a live streaming module into the client’s solution.

48 hours of live music

The media module excelled at the task at hand — a historic 48-hour stream of electronic music from world-renowned DJs.

  • AWS MediaLive for media ingestion and HLS streams generation
  • AWS MediaStore for scalable and highly-available media storage
  • AWS Lambda for tasks scheduling to smoothly arrange DJ sets

Live streaming from 15 venues

From the United States to Germany to Uruguay to Japan, the live event was broadcasted from 15 most iconic music venues.

  • Amazon CloudFront to securely deliver media content to end users across the world
  • Support for up to 1 million concurrent users
  • Consulting on frontend performance to ensure the solution meets the peak demand

Oxagile’s product-minded approach laid the foundation for productive collaboration on the innovative project. Now the focus is on building up the one-off purpose-built solution into a robust live streaming platform with cost-effective scalability and performance in mind.

Lasting memories with NFT

To extend the digital experience even further and bring it closer to live festivals, the startup will launch NFT collectibles with unique virtual wristbands.

As part of the effort, blockchain-based non-fungible tokens will be integrated into the platform to unlock new ways of presenting and selling digital artworks.