Project overview

The high-performance media management system behind a Middle Eastern OTT platform that distributes popular TV programming and feature films to Hindi and Arabic-speaking audiences worldwide. The solution helps admins and content editors to run the service smoothly and efficiently all the way from video transcoding to distribution.

Client: a global content company with an extensive library housing over 222,000 hours of television content and drawing over 1 billion viewers across 171 countries.

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Online Video, Content management, DAM/MAM
Effort and Duration
9 months, 56 man-months
.NET, Mobile, ASP.NET, OWIN, WebAPI, EF, React, MobX

Business challenge

As part of a global expansion strategy, the client was looking to develop a Middle Eastern version of their digital platform and populate it with region-specific content.

The expected system load for the initial product phase amounted to 3,000,000 monthly visitors and was expected to skyrocket in the future. The client needed a digital partner capable of designing a 100% reliable, scalable infrastructure and ensuring an optimal user experience — all within a short timeframe.

Oxagile’s approach

After requirements elaboration, Oxagile went with the Scrum model to allow for loose requirements and tight time-to-market deadlines.

The distributed team posed an additional challenge, as the client had a Portuguese company develop the system’s frontend. Oxagile managed to set up transparent communication with the other contractor, resolving any emerging issues in a timely manner without disrupting the workflow.

Throughout the project, Oxagile’s team demonstrated its willingness to go the extra mile and took on additional responsibilities such as extensive business analysis, continuous integration efforts, and delivery.

Delivered solution

The resulting solution comprises four key modules that help automate the management of editors, users, content, and portal’s layout respectively. A well-thought-out UI ensures faster onboarding while providing a single point of control over the entire platform’s functionality and appearance.

Key Features and Highlights
  • Ability to add and organize single- and multi-tier content
  • Different content variances for one title
  • Ability to specify a wealth of metadata to each title, including genres and subgenres, dubbing and subtitles, content supplier, cast and crew, country of Production, distribution regions, MPAA rating, and more
  • Adding non-textual data (posters and backgrounds)
  • Content playlists
  • Automated playback scheduling
  • Sophisticated search algorithms that support English, Arabic, and transliteration
  • Support for several VoD monetization models (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD)
  • Conditional autofilling and advanced field validation
  • System security ensured by SSL/TLS encryption and token authentication
  • Seamless data export capabilities with support for XSLX and CSV formats
  • Social sign-in with Twitter and Facebook
  • Optimized performance, scalability, and fault tolerance

In line with the client’s plan to reach the largest audience possible, the system supports multi-screen delivery to such platforms as Android, iOS, Roku, PlayStation 3 and 4, Apple TV, Xbox, and smart TVs.

Testing and QA

The project’s scope and duration prompted the team to introduce automation for functional and load testing.

Oxagile’s AQA engineers used their powerful in-house testing framework to automate test cases for all major features, including signup and signin scenarios, adding new content and metadata, editing content variances, PIN-pairing for TV devices, error reporting, and more. Automated tests were also run in the development code branch to enable early defect discovery.

As a result, the main flow and the acceptance flow were 100% covered with automation, dramatically minimizing regressions and freeing up manual QA engineers for exploratory testing.

Future plans

The new portal’s soft launch as a free ad-supported platform with region-specific content proved very successful on the Middle Eastern market. Encouraged by this success, the client is now looking to expand their outreach to new territories previously underserved by content providers.