A quick brief
about the project
Who we collaborate with: Pay-TV & OTT solution provider
Solution we refine: White-label video delivery platform for content creators and distributors to launch branded services
Expected product potential: About 500+ video streaming providers serving over hundreds of million viewers
How we assisted the client: The team revised the client’s product, which is a part of their video distribution platform, by revamping the current functionality and implementing brand new features
Oxagile’s role in the project: Technology partner

Merging with the client’s team to go towards a shared goal

After agreeing on the project scope with the client, we realized that working in close tandem would streamline solution delivery. So, working hand in hand with the client’s team, Oxagile was fully responsible for front-end development, the design of new features, and performance optimization activities, while in-house specialists led design and back-end tasks.
 — Project Manager

OTT streaming solution through the client’s eyes


Player management

Easily maintain all the player-related operations, like film/TV show recording or subtitle display, and get analytical insights into content playback.


Content discoverability

Ensure the ease of media asset discoverability for end users with such capabilities as categorization, CRM-based displaying, “See more” functionality, and contextual search.

Live streaming

Live streaming

Enable the category-based rendering of live content with the opportunity to navigate to media cards and EPGs.

EPG display

EPG display

Let viewers quickly find and select the desired channel or content via the EPG with media cards, findability filters, catch-up, and upcoming content support.

NPVR service

NPVR service

Engage viewers with a network personal video recorder, allowing them to save and playback video content they want to watch later.

User settings

User settings

Provide easy, yet secure access to user accounts with quick password resets, parental controls, and storing information about devices.

Media cards

Media cards

Implement advanced media asset management with capabilities like favorites, recording and playback, or detailed information about TV shows/movies for viewers to make informed content decisions and get personalized viewing experiences.

Oxagile’s contribution to the platform going live

New superpowers added

  • Integration with the Sentry platform for app performance analytics
  • Enabling channel media cards on the content discovery screen
  • Adding the EPG module to the guide
  • Displaying the TV System Serial Number in user profiles
  • Building a UI for content locked within the platform

Current frontend polished

  • Revamping the EPG module for web platforms
  • Adapting NVPR for running across all supported platforms
  • Improving the UI and functionality of settings
  • Enhancing filtering and content search features to explore content
  • Refining the display of the guide in the live mode

System performance revised

decrease in component re-rendering operations, which ensured higher system performance
decrease in API requests, which balanced the performance across back-end servers

Performance pitfall detected and bypassed

While working in close collaboration with the client’s team, a tricky challenge was identified. Models behaved differently depending on the release date. This led to employing extra powers to fine-tune the app’s performance according to variances across models and even release years. Finally, we succeeded in launching this industry-first approach for the initial customer.

What are the next steps?

The updated video distribution platform with the new interface included is being prepared for release. We have had open and fruitful discussions on our future collaboration and how we can improve its quality and efficiency. In the future, Oxagile’s team, as a technology partner, will join the solution customization projects for the software vendor’s end customers.