Oxagile feat. AJA: IMF Package Validator Plugin Development

Who challenged us:

AJA Video Systems

What a plugin does:

The plugin validates IMF packages before delivery

How Oxagile is involved:

Major technological partner

Where the partnership and development story began

NAB Show 2022 is a landmark event that gave birth to a fruitful collaboration between Oxagile and AJA. It took just an hour to realize that working together might be beneficial for both parties. Then AJA was going to extend Diskover Media Edition with extra powers, and Oxagile proved helpful with its expertise in online video technologies. Building a more effective data curation tool was the key goal of AJA, while our team was challenged to refine the IMF validation process.

In pursuit of an ideal validation process

Video content distributor: “Ensuring the highest quality of distributed video may be an issue without an optimal workflow.”
“Rigid industry standards don’t give us enough freedom for multiple content formats — IMF is badly needed. It requires us to conduct rigorous validation tests of video, audio, and metadata to check if they are appropriate for exchanging with TVs, mobiles, and other devices. Unfortunately, manual validation accompanied by downstream errors creates fertile ground for breaking the bank.”
AJA & Oxagile: “An automated workflow can reduce rework, saving costs on validating IMF packages.”
“What if we can build a tool that will gather every piece of data under one roof to validate it within a single environment? The automated workflow will become a rescue boat for enabling continuous validation of IMF packages without downstream errors, reducing the costs spent on it.”

Cutaway view of the Oxagile IMF Package Validator Plugin

  • All data in a single platform

    Get multiple content data types, including subtitles, audio, video, metadata, collected from different platforms in a single place for IMF compliance testing.

  • Validation process reporting

    Once the tests are completed, the system generates quick results about successful and failed processes via tags and analytical reports, with the errors listed in red.

Solution architecture standing behind effective validation

See how it works with your own eyes  

Discover the IMF package validation workflow in practice.

Enhancing content delivery with Oxagile’s solution

Let us highlight the key benefits content creators and distributors get from implementing IMF Package Validator Plugin into their MAM operations.

IMF validation made simple
Fully automated workflows

Reduced man-hours
No errors and rework

Seamless integration with Diskover Media Edition
Sustainable data management

Ambitious plans and proactive project management make a winning combination

Being able to keep pace with the project timelines and introduce the ready-made plugin at NAB Show 2023, Oxagile’s project manager chose the Kanban workflow management method, and it has paid off.

Thanks to the right delivery model applicable to AJA’s project requirements, the team successfully released the product by the scheduled time. Any other wins due to Kanban? Sure! It allowed us to:

  • Ensure productive cooperation within the project team.
  • Achieve significant time savings while preparing increments.

Shining bright like a diamond at NAB 2023

After going live, the product reached its first destination, NAB Show 2023, and was introduced to the public. It gained the interest of the exhibition participants thanks to its cost-saving opportunities while distributing content to end users.

The collaboration with AJA Video Systems is a significant milestone for Oxagile as we’ve also launched the product licensing and distribution stages.

“We are excited to provide this much-needed service to AJA Diskover Media Edition customers, as it will help quickly cue more content creators and providers into when their content is ready to share with their distribution partner or client by meeting IMF packaging requirements. We’re confident this will save them both time and money compared to the processes currently required to validate content.”

— Matt Pinckley
US Director of Business Development, Oxagile

Kind words from the valued client

“Oxagile’s IMF Validator Plug-In for AJA Diskover Media Edition has proven a valuable addition to our data curation software and generated much enthusiasm at NAB earlier this year. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with Oxagile’s dedicated specialists and their ability to work rapidly to deliver a ready-to-use product in a short time span. Our team looks forward to continued cooperation with Oxagile in the future as we continue expanding AJA Diskover Media Edition capabilities to meet evolving industry demands.

— Nick Rashby, AJA President

Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Content management, Online Video
Effort and Duration
8 man-months, 1.5 months
Java, PHP