Solution highlights

  • Continuous competitor data comparison
  • Quick and easy online patient scheduling
  • Automated visit reminders via SMS, email, and voice
  • HIPAA-compliant SMS chat for patients and doctors
  • CDT code integration
  • SEO rank tracker with competitor data comparison
  • ROI report generation and visualization

Challenge: Engage patients, grow practice, slash costs

Prior to the project, the client already had a long-standing business relationship with Oxagile as we delivered the client’s flagship product — a sophisticated brand reputation management platform designed for large companies and franchises.

Market research showed that the platform owed much of its success to users from the dental care industry. The client decided to use the existing platform as a basis for a new solution that would focus more closely on the needs of dental practices and large Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), enabling them to effectively manage patients while improving PX.

In addition, the platform’s reliance on a third-party component for data transfer was starting to result in hefty annual subscription fees, which made the client prioritize TCO optimization efforts.

Oxagile was chosen for the project as a company that had earned the client’s trust and demonstrated deep expertise in both healthcare IT and MarTech.

Solution: A powerful dental patient outreach platform

Oxagile helped the client develop and implement an all-in-one software suite that enables dentists to manage, market, and grow their business online. The solution integrates with a host of popular dental PMSs (Practice Management Systems) and uses clinical records to optimize and automate the practice’s marketing strategy.

Driving patient engagement

  • Online patient scheduling via a practice’s portal
  • HIPAA-compliant SMS chat for secure communication between doctors and patients
  • Automated email, SMS, or voice reminders to minimize no-shows
  • Data-driven marketing emails with seasonal discounts, special offers, and recommended procedures

Managing online presence

  • Brand reputation management
  • Continuous reviews monitoring and reminding visitors to leave feedback
  • Comprehensive SEO module to find keywords with maximum impact
  • Rank Tracker to compare SEO performance to closest competitors
  • Managing local listings and directories

Optimizing data transfer while bringing all insights under one roof

Oxagile’s team implemented a custom module to replace a third-party appointment management solution and ensure seamless data transfer with no additional charges.

Integrated data analysis and reporting tools enable dental clinics to aggregate, calculate, and visualize statistics on every aspect of their marketing strategy such as marketing campaign ROI, conversions from social media accounts, review ratings, and more.

Business result: $1,000,000 in savings

The developed solution is actively gaining popularity among U.S dental clinics, establishing the client’s position as a value-added vendor in the healthcare IT market.

The strategic decision to build a replacement module replicating and expanding the functionality of the third-party solution resulted in a fully owned platform and better monetization opportunities. According to recent estimations, the proprietary system will save the client up to $1,000,000 in software fees per year.