Project overview

A state-of-the-art citation and reference search solution that works with a 60GB database of digitized bibliographies. The system is designed to help libraries and universities easily access current data on published articles, periodicals and books.

Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Content management
Effort and Duration
4 months, 23 man-months
Java, Node.js, Spring, Hibernate, Angular, Resin, Solr, Oracle

Key features and highlights

  • MLA-style citation export to plain text and RTF formats
  • Highly flexible faceted filtering that makes it easy to find references across multiple categories
  • Cross-links for authors, publishers, sources and subjects for easy navigation
  • Several authentication types, including password- and IP-based authentication mechanisms
  • Powerful search feature complete with logical operators, proximity match, wildcards, automatic suggestions, and more
  • They generally went above and beyond on the project, and we are grateful to them for this experience of cooperation.

    Oxagile did a superb job. End users praised the newly reconstructed database. Thanks to the team’s efforts, the client saw a revived interest in their product and an increase in their sales. The team demonstrated their great communication skills, professionalism, and expertise on the tasks at hand.

    Sergei Smirnov
    Senior Manager, East View Information Services, Inc.