Project Overview

A state-of-the-art citation and reference search solution that works with a 60GB database of digitized bibliographies. The system is designed to help libraries and universities easily access current data on published articles, periodicals and books.

Engagement Model:
Fixed Price
Custom Software
Effort and Duration:
4 months, 23 man-months
Java • Spring • Hibernate • Angular • Node.js • Resin • Solr • Oracle

Key Features and Highlights

  • MLA-style citation export to plain text and RTF formats
  • Highly flexible faceted filtering that makes it easy to find references across multiple categories
  • Cross-links for authors, publishers, sources and subjects for easy navigation
  • Several authentication types, including password- and IP-based authentication mechanisms
  • Powerful search feature complete with logical operators, proximity match, wildcards, automatic suggestions, and more

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