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Covering all key industries and domains

Online video

Online video

  • Computer vision-based metadata tagging
  • Automatic generation of closed captions and subtitles
  • Video annotation for better content searchability
  • Emotion recognition and sentiment analysis


Digital advertising

  • Computer vision-fueled logo detection
  • Automatic logo masking and replacement
  • Customer emotion and attention analysis
  • Precise detection of brand mentions
  • Brand mention exclusion from illegal or unsafe content

Public safety

Public safety

  • Intelligent video surveillance analytics
  • Object detection and tracking
  • Facial authentication and verification
  • Fingerprint recognition and voice biometrics
  • AI-driven evidence redaction
  • Pose and behavior analysis



  • Medical image analysis
  • Diagnostics assistance
  • Disease risk prediction
  • Early disease detection
  • Cancer cells detection
  • Face mask recognition
  • Temperature determination



  • Computer vision-based proctoring
  • Analysis of facial expression, gestures, and postures
  • Accurate handwriting recognition
  • Learner eye gaze tracking
  • Student engagement evaluation

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Workflow automation

Use our expertise in computer vision solution development to streamline visual data-based workflows. Enhance clinical diagnostics, tap into cashierless checkout experiences, automate equipment safety inspection, or bring video processing workflow orchestration to a whole new level.

Data analysis acceleration

Increase productivity by slashing media processing time. Capitalize on computer vision technology to implement lightning-fast face and object recognition, enable on-the-fly video processing on mobile, or detect anomalies in video streams with ease.

Bolstered security

Address your specific security challenges, including retail theft prevention, home safety, and police investigations. Improve threat detection, reduce false alarms, or automate video evidence processing to ensure utmost security of people and property.

Product feature innovation

Turbocharge your solution by adding innovative computer vision features. Keep students in check with computer vision-enabled exam proctoring, provide sports fans with advanced player stats, or automate industrial equipment QC.

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Build custom computer vision solutions of any type

Real-time video analysis

  • Highly performant object detection and tracking
  • As fast as 1 ms per frame video processing
  • Cutting-edge object identification
  • Real-time object attribute collection
  • Comprehensive object profile creation
  • Seamless behavior and/or action detection
  • Intuitive user-facing tools for results analysis and post-processing
  • Dealing with moving camera footage, occlusions, poor lighting conditions, and more

Performance-vs-accuracy optimization system

  • Optimal balance between image analysis accuracy and system performance
  • Frame-accurate tool to generate and compare performance-vs-accuracy data
  • Custom performance testing framework
  • Advanced ELK-based logging and fully-automatic real-time accuracy reporting

Why Oxagile

Proactive R&D

We constantly work on internal computer vision software development projects to try out new concepts and proactively address challenges. These know-hows are then tapped into to effectively solve your problem, helping cut costs and minimize time to market.

Hands-on expertise in the video domain

Since 2005, we have accumulated profound video domain expertise, including live streaming, VoD, VR, and 360° video. We combine this knowledge with computer vision skills to help us deliver end-to-end solutions in verticals from sports to healthcare to adtech.

Lowering TCO and minimizing risks

Mitigate risks and allocate effort in the most effective way possible. Whether a non-standard challenge or a more typical computer vision integration task, our balanced engagement approach results in maximum cost and time savings.

Our computer vision capabilities

Underpinned by continuous research and a track record of computer vision projects, we offer deep expertise in some of the most challenging fields of visual content analysis.

Image analysis

Powerful image analysis solutions

Our computer vision experts can design and develop a custom image analysis solution around your visual data-based workflows. Alternatively, we can help you seamlessly integrate third-party platforms into your business to increase performance, ensure content compliance, promote brand safety, and more.

Facial recognition

Precise facial recognition software

Our team applies the latest facial recognition know-hows to accelerate and automate a variety of tasks that were entirely in the domain of humans before, such as suspect detection or student attention monitoring. We also develop a proprietary SDK that makes it possible to tailor the recognition process to virtually any business case.

Emotion recognition

Cutting-edge emotion recognition tools

At the crossroads of computer vision and AI, we build innovative emotion recognition solutions that leverage human-like learning to unlock novel image analysis possibilities.


Advanced biometric software solutions

Our computer vision service is designed for building enterprise-grade biometrics solutions for a variety of clients including banks, airports, police departments, and educational institutions. We leverage best practices around voice biometrics, keystroke recognition, and fingerprint identification to address your major security needs.

Medical image analysis

Bespoke image analysis solutions for healthcare

Our computer vision engineers deliver ML-driven solutions for medical image analysis that help healthcare providers automate and accelerate the processing of CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, SPECT scans, and more to improve diagnostics and enhance treatment.

Computer vision development tools

Our machine learning and deep learning experience is grounded on fundamental scientific research and supplemented with knowledge of signal processing physics.

DL frameworks

Tensorflow • PyTorch • Core ML • MXNet • Caffe2 • Chainer • Theano • Sonnet • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


Kurento’s computer vision module • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK • TensorRT • GStreamer


Google Cloud AI • Amazon Machine Learning • Azure Machine Learning


Server • Desktop • Edge devices • Cloud • Mobile • Tablet

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The HanseCom team has been working closely with the Oxagile technical team for over 2 years and we have been nothing but amazed by their expertise and dedication.

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We really enjoyed working with Oxagile. The team was highly collaborative and communicative, and exceeded our expectations overall. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again on future projects!

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Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them.

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JumpTV Inc.

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