Our client’s struggles

When Oxagile first discussed the matter with a client, the most frequently mentioned words were that their corporate training sessions looked to employees more like “something you can't skip, although you want to.”

Our client’s struggles

Gamification wipes out the vestiges of enforced training

To build an enticing world around any content, from onboarding training to specialized skill-based courses, Oxagile’s team reconsidered the mechanics of the current learning process, explored core values the company aimed to convey, and studied the underlying reasons behind employees’ inactivity and disinterest towards training. With this analysis at hand, we created a collective portrait of the company employee and their needs, and designed essential components to reignite their enthusiasm.

— Project Manager

L&D manager

The mechanism for involving employees became more transparent and interactive with positive elements added, so whether it’s a one-time or recurring event, it’s seen as an opportunity for achievement rather than a distraction from core tasks. All courses were redefined to form a well-structured system with branches in different areas.

Gamification logic

We didn’t just add a few elements, but built the entire logic of corporate training on gamification to make the process much less formalized. The concept put employees in a friendly competition in terms of both speed and quality to foster motivation and a drive for continuous improvement among the participants.

Interactive playing field

To uphold the concept of process transparency, the entire schedule and program of courses in the internal corporate system were designed as a playing field, where everyone can see their and other students’ places, how many points / bonuses they have collected, at what pace they move, and what courses and surprises await them.

Laws of the game

How do the magic game mechanics work when it comes to training? All the processes are built on the foundation of these captivating gamification principles:


Employees receive rewards and badges for “fastest completion of training”, “highest score during training”, “top 5 best results,” and so on. Accumulating achievements leads to receiving gifts after reaching a certain threshold.


Employees have the opportunity to actively contribute to the training program by offering suggestions and ideas for its improvement. Their valuable input is rewarded with bonuses or advancement on the playing field, allowing them to progress a few steps further.


Employees have the freedom to choose how they earn points (be it through speed of completion or recommending training improvements), and what to spend their points on in a gift store for winners.

Social Influence

Any social interactions related to training, like sharing completed training on LinkedIn, expressing interest in course development, or conducting a training session, also result in additional points or moving employees through the field faster.

Furthermore, there are squares named “Social Influence”, where participants have the option to either share feedback on social media or take on a mentoring role during the training program.


“Surprise Time” squares on the field motivate employees to actively participate in training. The faster they reach these squares, the quicker they discover what surprise is awaiting them. This encourages engagement in both individual and group training sessions, where questions can also bring additional points.

Personalization every step of the way

  • Virtual character

    Each employee has the opportunity to choose any in-game avatar that can be customized as desired. This character is then shown not only in the student’s account, but also on the pictures that mark achievements, actions, obtaining points, and so on and are visible to others.

  • Customized mode

    The playing field can adapt activities to the positions of company employees. Though everyone can see a universal variant of the playing field at once, there are so-called “nodes” that lead a person to a customized mode. An employee unlocks tailored content, challenges, and individualized guidance that empowers them to maximize their potential.

Employees embracing the value of training

Within a remarkably short timeframe of just 3 months, our client unveiled a few figures that showcased the undeniable power of gamification to positively impact educational processes of any kind.

more employees are actively participating and showing interest in the interactive training programs.
of employees successfully finish the interactive trainings they’ve started.