• eCommerce solution for food delivery
  • Focus on the value to end customers
  • A/B testing to implement only meaningful changes
  • Collaboration power across all teams and operations

Keeping product value at the forefront

To get people addicted to food doesn’t sound like a crime when we’re talking about a quality food delivery service.

Striving after such feedback from their service subscribers, our client, an eCommerce platform for food delivery, invests in never-ending product enhancements. Each is driven by the desire to attract more users and turn them into regular subscribers, leaving them no chance to find a more tempting alternative.

Oxagile’s team was delighted to accelerate the achievement of customer’s goals.

“All project deliverables, regardless of who’s responsible for the result, are made with an eye on bringing more product value. That is why our team has adopted a product mindset approach, prioritizing continuous product perfection and data-driven decision-making.”

— Alexandra, Project Manager

Behind the project scenes


Acting as part of the ship, part of the crew

Our team is deeply integrated in product development, positioning, and growth strategies. Which signup flow changes to implement, how to broaden payment opportunities for customers, which digital channels have the highest chances to influence the conversion rate?

Oxagile’s product manager is continually looking for the answers to these and lots of other questions together with the project team. All take an active part in the idea generation and production process, which is perfectly aligned with Oxagile’s Collaboration Power philosophy.

Inspiring tech and business to go hand in hand

Each of the project teams includes business and tech specialists for the sake of all-round processing.

Whether the team is responsible for product acquisition, end user support, or increasing sales and brand loyalty, mutual efforts of business consultants and technical experts make a winning product, thus bringing double value to the client.

Honing T-shaped skills

Code writing, software testing, new architecture implementation, and product development — the professional maturity of our development specialists allows them to contribute to the product value across a number of services.

No QA experts involved — Oxagile’s T-shaped development team is effectively fueling business and testing processes.

Cultivating a coaching culture

What makes a top-rated product? All successful milestones and financial profit are hugely affected by people. To inspire team initiative, enhance leadership skills, and positively impact their mental health, coaches feature prominently in the client’s corporate culture.

Oxagile’s Agile delivery coach has also become a part of a powerful coaching ecosystem.

Getting the most out of flexible project methodologies

Banking on flexibility and a people-driven approach, all project team members contribute to the customer’s Agile environment.

This model advocates for fresh ideas and people autonomy, serving as another tool to support product-centric processes.

Quarterly wins: what are the average numbers?

Regular A/B testing and product evolution are bearing fruit, which is shown by quarterly results:

New subscribers

Sign up conversion uplift

Social media CPA reduction

Our task areas to ensure the continuous delivery of value

  • Streamlining a signup journey to achieve a higher conversion rate
  • Revamping a payment domain for PDS2 compliance and expanding payment options (Apple Pay implementation, PayPal and Checkout.com integration, etc.)
  • Upgrading the Cookbook offering: new architecture implementation, integration with Contentstack, and tech stack changes
Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Effort and Duration
January 2020 — ongoing
PHP, Python, JavaScript (React, NodeJS); AWS, Mandrill, GitHub, CircleCI; EC2, Lambda, RDS, S3, DynamoDB, Redshift, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS; web, iOS mobile, Android mobile