Our client’s profile in all its glory

Broadcaster owning the seas of content

And spreading it far and wide across linear and digital, including web, mobile, STB, FAST, VoD, and Linear TV.
Broadcaster owning the seas of content

A hot mess of tangled systems

The client’s content distribution game is like Minotaur’s Labyrinth, filled with a maze of old-school and new-gen products from different vendors.
A hot mess of tangled systems

Impressive geographic footprint

The customer’s broadcast range is on point, reaching over a dozen location spots around the world.
Impressive geographic footprint

The client’s aspirations for the near future


their revenue to new heights by harnessing the power of cross-platform ad technology and strategic operational upgrades


the full monetization potential of their content available for reaching either traditional or digital channels


the art of advertising tech with every facet of the existing content distribution system, ensuring that all elements are in harmony

Unveiling the nexus of fulfillment: A dream transcended?

Though it might seem like a mere dream, there is a solution that succeeds in making it a reality. We’re talking about the concept of a self-service advertising and management platform that not only simplifies the tedious tasks of ad campaign sales and reporting but also lends a helping hand to the client’s in-house ad operations, analytics, and financial teams, speeding up their daily routine.

This is precisely what our client anticipated from the tech assistance provided by our team at Oxagile.

The concept of a self-service advertising

Essential solution details: What truly matters to our client?

Reliable and effortless support for direct ad sales

Programmatic ad campaigns run like a symphony

Unsold ad spaces are managed with utmost efficiency

Multi-currency payment processing without a hitch

Accurate ad inventory and impression forecasting

Premium inventory optimization technique included

Are these aspirations resonating with you?

We possess the expertise to transform them into action. Let’s synchronize and delve into your advertising project concepts, ensuring we address any lingering queries promptly. Allow us to engage in a conversation and bring your ideas to life.

Turning dreams into reality: The course of the project

 The first steps on our part

Meticulously reviewing all software elements of the content distribution system

Seamlessly syncing linear and digital channels to ensure a unified viewer experience

Scanning all data sources to create a cohesive ecosystem with ideally placed system elements

Route plan to elevate the client’s business

  • Winning campaigns

  • Blend of offline and online

  • Best media selection

  • Interactive reporting

The path of progress: Where are we now?

As we are currently navigating through the project, Oxagile’s team is crafting a cross-platform self-service ad portal that would empower our client with all the tools they need to raise their income from content monetization. Thanks to the careful selection of proper ad technology and operational approaches, we’re paving the way for the client’s growth.