Project overview

An established market research company needed to develop an innovative system that would enable marketing specialists to survey opt-in consumers at the right time and place.

The feedback data is captured while the consumer is in a natural shopping environment, which eliminates information decay. The system sends a push notification to a mobile device with an invitation to take a short online survey. The notification can be triggered whenever a customer enters, exits, or stays in a location for a predetermined period of time.

Key backend features include precise geotargeting functionality, full iBeacon support, an ability to create arbitrarily shaped data capture areas (“geofences”) on the map, seamless Foursquare and Google Maps integration, and more. The system includes mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

Professional Services
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
3 months, 10 man-months
PHP, Mobile, MySQL, JavaScript, Foursquare API, Google Maps Drawing Tools, iOS, Android