What made gamification the core approach

Fun tailored to all ages

As experts in integrating gamified experiences, we have the know-how to ignite learners’ desire to succeed across all age groups, emphasizing authority and credibility for adults and engaging elements that capture attention for kids.

User-centric innovation

Infusing excitement through game-based, user-centered innovations to boost engagement rates, we ensure that proper customization makes all learners feel that the app cares about them.

Meaningful strategy

Instead of just adding a few elements, we craft an end-to-end gamification strategy, design the entire training logic, and ensure the app balances fun and learning, keeping users entertained and yet committed.

The essence of our solution

  • What is it about?

    It is an animated flashcards application crafted to nurture young children’s development and make learning about the world an enjoyable and playful experience.

  • What does it teach?

    The appearance, sounds, and numerous fascinating facts about various wild and domestic animals.

Main features and keys to project wins

Appealing exterior

  • Original polished graphics and smooth, realistic animations
  • Engaging UI for children that they’re eager to immerse themselves in for hours while learning along the way
  • An amusing NPC character that contributes to the overall fun atmosphere
  • Many lively elements on the pictures and game board that kids can interact with

Features stepping up the learning progress

  • Animal names pronounced by professional voice actors in 7 different languages
  • Beautiful background nursery music
  • Adaptability, letting the app prioritize flashcards based on what the child needs to study most
  • Exercises, including matching, sorting, and more

Convenience and safety

  • A child-proof UI to keep children from changing the app settings or making in-app purchases
  • Versatility that enables installation on all devices, ensuring compatibility across various platforms, like iPhones, iPods, or iPads
  • Ability to create your own flashcards, allowing for personalized learning
  • Ability to record or enter animal names in your own language

Blending gamification in the app

Enhanced personalization

In addition to a playing field with nice surprises that spark curiosity, we’ve also introduced a non-playing character that supports the child, providing friendly hints on what to pay attention to and what’s worth revising.

Rewards with purpose

After successfully learning each card and completing exercises, a child gets to enjoy a short cartoon that not only introduces them to the animal, but smoothly advances through the storyline, significantly boosting the engagement rate and motivating kids to move forward.

Information & Communication
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
3 months, 4 man-months
Mobile, iOS, iOS SDK, Objective-C