Project overview

A cloud-based eCommerce platform that helps manage financial processes easier and more cost effectively than traditional methods, such as credit cards. The platform covers mobile financial services, city services, loyalty programs, and solutions for financial services and retail. This system is highly interoperable and can work with virtually any wireless carrier or mobile device. It can also integrate with mobile offerings from other vendors.

We enabled a major retailer to implement end-to-end QA automation and continuous delivery for its flagship eCommerce platform while reducing TTM and ensuring unparalleled product quality.

Delivery Model
Managed dedicated team
Effort and Duration
720 man-months, 36+ months
Java, Mobile, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, Swagger, Hibernate, Selenium, Jenkins, AndroidSDK, Xcode, Jackson

Key features and highlights

  • Robust, highly scalable solution supporting over 100,000 users
  • Transparent reporting for maximum testing visibility and data-driven go/no-go decisions
  • Advanced multithreading to cut regression testing time from 8 hours to 1 minute
  • Scrupulous security and penetration testing to guarantee PCI compliance of POS terminals across 40+ payment providers