Our sports custom software development services expertise: Addressing your specific business needs

Revamping team management

Streamline a slew of administrative and marketing operations. Take it up a notch with ML-powered workflow automation for improved team collaboration and faster management of procurement, finances, scouting, and more.

Driving sports intelligence

Build an AI-powered analytics solution to improve player health and boost your winning chances. Evaluate athlete performance, minimize injuries, or choose the optimal team composition and tactics based on hard data.

Enhancing rehabilitation

Leverage mobile and wearables to assess the athlete’s state of health, then suggest and execute the optimal rehabilitation program. Adjust recovery plans based on continuous data-driven feedback from both sensors and patients.

Boosting fan engagement

Automate your marketing efforts to drive lasting loyalty and ensure packed grandstands. Engage online fans across channels through interactive sports portals, AR and VR software, 360° video, gamification, and more.

Supercharging training

Capitalize on advanced fitness apps to reinvent coaching and training. Immerse athletes into a VR environment for better workout results. Marry IoT and BI to thoroughly analyze and vastly improve key player performance metrics.

Increasing bottom line

Tap into sports marketing to discover new revenue streams. Turn fans into faithful clients by monetizing multimedia content, offering official merchandise and VIP fan packages, as well as delivering real and virtual venue tours.

Get to the crux of user needs

Capitalize on our solid frontend and backend knowledge to build a custom sports solution that will help you reimagine how to operate and engage with sports fans.

Usability-focused design

  • Sports fan journey mapping
  • Wireframing and rapid prototyping
  • Beautiful, highly customizable interfaces
  • Pixel-perfect graphics and stunning animations
  • Cross-platform support, including web, mobile, smart TVs, and more
  • Human Interface and Material Design guidelines
  • WCAG accessibility compliance

Rock-solid scalability and performance

  • High load, fault-tolerant architecture design
  • Built-in redundancy and dynamic load balancing
  • Multi-CDN for scaling video content delivery
  • Deep performance engineering expertise, including load, stress, and bandwidth testing
  • Support for millions of concurrent users

Digitally transformed fan experience

  • Sports portals with live and on-demand content, AI-generated highlights, and advanced stats
  • Second-screen apps featuring real-time communication and live betting
  • Gamified VR and AR apps
  • Virtual 360° tours over stadiums and museums
  • Interactive online games

Hyper-personalization at scale

  • Data-driven, highly customized marketing campaigns
  • Geofencing apps for tailored loyalty programs
  • ML-enabled multimedia content suggestions
  • Intelligent merchandise personalization
  • AI-powered product and content search
  • Visual product discovery with a single snap
  • Smart virtual assistants and chatbots

Build a custom sports solution

Tap into our sports software development expertise to gain the lead. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts to discuss how we can improve player performance, optimize your business workflows, and enhance fan experience.

Leverage our sports tech know-hows

OTT solutions

Enterprise-level OTT solutions

  • World-wide live streaming of major sports events
  • Custom VoD solutions ensuring TV-quality viewing experiences
  • Live-to-VoD for wider viewer outreach
  • Content monetization via targeted advertising, subscription- and transaction-based models
  • Media asset management and orchestration
  • DRM solutions for increased content protection
  • State-of-the-art video analytics

Sports marketing

High-tech sports marketing

  • Tailored CRM and customer intelligence solutions
  • Automated ticketing and venue management
  • Advanced eCommerce solutions, including social commerce and mobile shopping
  • Crowdfunding and match fundraising software
  • Sports content management software with powerful search and AI-driven suggestions

Team management

All-in-one team management

  • Coaching software for managing player line-ups, schedules, game results, stats, and more
  • Sports equipment and inventory management software
  • Secure finance administration software with transparent reporting
  • Scouting platforms featuring sports IQ analytics
  • Intuitive collaboration tools and RTC-based remote coaching
  • Anti-doping and athlete education apps

IoT-fueled training

IoT-fueled training and rehabilitation

  • Sensor and wireless tech to assess athlete performance
  • Smart insoles and shoes with built-in BI
  • Intelligent fitness apps and wearable devices
  • 3D and 360° cameras for video analysis
  • Smart helmets featuring head injury analytics
  • VR-powered solutions for virtual training

Big data

Comprehensive big data services

  • All-encompassing data mining and aggregation
  • Proactive data governance and quality verification
  • Ultra-fast, highly scalable big data processing in the cloud
  • Big data integration in a single manageable warehouse
  • User data security and GDPR compliance

AI-based analytics

AI-based augmented analytics

  • Advanced team intelligence, including performance, efficiency, and safety evaluation
  • AI-driven competition profiling and analysis
  • Customer intelligence for better targeting
  • ML-powered QoE and QoS video analytics
  • Customizable reports and interactive BI dashboards

Video analysis

CV-based video content processing

  • Sophisticated ball tracking that enhances judging decisions
  • Semantic-driven ad placement
  • Anomaly detection (black screens, glitches, etc.) for flawless sports content delivery
  • Intelligent generation of promo materials, like teasers, posters, thumbnails, and more

We deliver tailor-made software solutions for all types of sports organizations

It takes a great team to develop a winning solution. Our experts are ready to take on your case and help you achieve and surpass your goals, be it an engaging mobile app or a highly scalable web platform.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

We are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Whether you need a robust web solution able to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users, or an advanced mobile app set to transform customer experience, we’ve got your back.


Web development

We know how to deliver comprehensive web experiences. Bank on our custom software development expertise to build disruptive B2B and B2C solutions with outstanding UI and UX, robust security, increased scalability, and AI-powered functionality.


Mobile development

Create an impactful mobile solution that delivers consistent cross-platform experiences without sacrificing look and feel. Enable secure in-app payments, seamless social media sharing, smooth video conferences, and much more. Take users by storm with powerful AR, VR, and AI capabilities.


Cloud development

Rely on our digital know-how to build an overarching cloud solution from scratch, smoothly migrate your existing software to the cloud, or integrate your platform with first-tier cloud services like AWS or Azure. Let us ensure unparalleled scalability and flexibility for your cloud platform so that you could respond to market changes in a matter of seconds, not days.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

A reliable outsourcing partner, Oxagile has helped high-profile brands like Google and Vodafone drive their business growth. Whether you want to engage a dedicated development team for your project or ramp up your internal resources with a rare skillset, we’re here to cover your needs.

Web portals

Web portal development

We engineer mission-critical B2B and B2C web portals to sustain your business growth. Bank on our solid expertise to enhance your web portal with powerful search capabilities, video conferencing functionality, smooth knowledge management, advanced reporting, and more — for increased employee and customer loyalty.