Project overview

A well-established U.S. automobile company partnered with Oxagile to develop an advanced licensing system for handling the distribution of their proprietary diagnostics product.

The resulting solution is Windows desktop app that provides automobile service specialists with end-to-end license management capabilities — from order processing and usage tracking to license keys delivery and 360-degree reporting.

A dedicated team of Oxaigle’s QA professionals was involved at every project stage to ensure the solution’s reliability and top performance under a variety of operating conditions (operating systems, architectures, etc.)

Automotive, Chemicals
Delivery Model
Agile QA Squad
Effort and Duration
24 months
ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, IIS, MS SQL, XML Viewer, SoapUI, Fiddler, Xray

Key highlights

  • Testing solution compatibility across several Windows versions (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1)
  • End-to-end testing of all major modules, including client-server connectivity, automatic updates, OS lockdown, license activation, reporting, and more
  • Leveraging mocks and stubs to emulate remote hardware and API endpoints
  • Regular testing of critical path scenarios to pinpoint and eliminate regressions
  • Performing comprehensive configuration testing for different product editions

Spearheaded by a ISTQB-certified QA lead, Oxagile’s quality team established a low-risk, agile collaboration process that included:

  • Designing the optimal QA strategy
  • Creating the master test plan
  • Setting up testing environments for each OS version
  • Preparing test data as well as mocks and stubs
  • Executing test scenarios
  • Providing detailed quality sign-off reports on a regular basis