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We provide a full spectrum of custom software services, with a focus on web and mobile application development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance, and post-project maintenance and support.

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Company Leadership

Dmitry Karpovich
Co-founder and CEO

As Oxagile’s CEO, Dmitry is in charge of setting the company’s strategy and vision, corporate culture, planning, operations, and financial management.

Dmitry’s responsibilities include strategic market research, competition analysis, envisioning new service offerings and product lines, and nurturing client relationships.

Dmitry holds a M.S. in Information Technology and Computer Science, as well as an MBA from the IPM Business School.

Sergey Marchuk
Co-founder and CTO

Sergey spearheads Oxagile’s development initiatives and research, and works to build a successful technical strategy within the firm.

Sergey’s expertise underpins the company’s focus on Online Video, RTC, AdTech, and EdTech and was instrumental in delivering enterprise-grade solutions to Global 2000 companies such as Discovery Communications, Disney, and Vodafone.

An undisputed technology mentor and innovation facilitator at Oxagile, Sergey holds a M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Business Strategy

Agile Methodologies ensuring short time-to-market figures and iterative approach to software development, particularly fit to win the competition in the dynamic online marketplace.
Great Business Analytics Skills enabling detailed elaboration of our customers’ business ideas for the best-suited implementation solutions.
Individually-Tailored Collaboration Approach offering flexible payment methods, contract terms and our specialists’ onsite presence availability.
Superior Customer Service providing 24/7 complete project transparency, adjustable working hours and local representatives available for immediate assistance in North America, Scandinavia, UK and Eastern Europe.
End-to-End Services comprising creative software design, business analysis backed by prototyping and data visualization services, QA and testing activities, development itself, hosting, support and maintenance – we’ve got it all covered for you.
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