Our mission

We enable progressive businesses to transform, scale and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, tailor-made software. Our elegant, data-driven solutions help organizations and people around the world to perform more effectively and achieve better outcomes.

Quick facts

Utilizing technology to drive efficiency, enable scale, encourage engagement and facilitate ease of use.

Happy clients

End users

Release predictability

Years of experience


R&D pioneered projects

17 years of intensive scaling

Founded in 2005, Oxagile has made the way from a promising tech startup to a mature software vendor serving over 1 billion users. Our solid knowledge around 30+ verticals and business domains makes us a go-to partner in helping businesses run at their best.

Global delivery

450+ clients over 17 years including Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 customers

We focus on US and EU markets. We have been delivering solutions to 40+ countries.

Global presence

Team distributed around the world

We have offices in four countries, across North America and Europe.

Full-cycle delivery team

We’re a team of forward thinkers for whom work at Oxagile is a calling. We believe that progress is made through strong leadership, progressive research, continuous learning, dedication to client success, and a strong pursuit of excellence.

Automating workflows

Leverage our cross-domain expertise and ML knowledge to optimize your business processes. Achieve next-gen efficiencies and slash costs by automating customer support, resource planning, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and more.

Empowering growth

Harness the skills of our expert architects to build a robust, fault-tolerant solution. Easily scale your system as your business grows — to support a virtually infinite number of users as you move into new market segments and geographies.

Maximizing revenue

Tap into our R&D and consulting know-hows to discover new commercial opportunities. Use advanced customer intelligence, innovative product features, and diverse revenue models to increase your bottom line.

Driving innovation

Capitalize on our AI expertise to boost operational efficiencies, ensure faster time to value, and revolutionize customer service. Tap into ML-driven augmented analytics to gain new insights and dramatically improve decision-making.

Ensuring quality

Our comprehensive approach to product and process quality covers the entire SDLC — from discovery to implementation to maintenance. This allows us to discover and fix problems early, cut costs, and increase user satisfaction.

Providing support

We care about the challenges your business faces and we want our solutions to bring you success. This is why our teams offer you expert support after product delivery and work with you to iron out any kinks that might come up during the integration stage.

Software development: scaled

Applying the cutting edge of technology to power digital transformation

Our services run the gamut from scrutinizing your business needs to providing continuous software support.

Engagement models

We deeply analyze your business needs and consult on the optimal engagement model for your software project.


Perfectly fitted for short-time endeavors, fixed bid engagements presuppose a clear-cut project scope and detailed release roadmap, minimizing the risk of going beyond the budget.

Time and materials

This model works best with high-level, loosely defined requirements. With T&M, you achieve maximum scope and budget flexibility while paying only for the resources used.


Choose this model if you need a rapid ramp-up of your internal resources. This way, you can quickly bring in expert or highly specialized talent, while saving big on recruitment.

ISO 27001 certification

Oxagile is an ISO 27001-certified company, which is a proof of the highest information corporate standards around security. This makes us a reliable software development partner dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients and proactively solving critical business challenges.