The WHAT of the product


A handy cycle companion that seamlessly keeps users in the loop with every facet of their ride.

Versatility at its best

This universal solution caters to the needs of both professional cyclists and casual riders alike.

Visual appeal

A user can monitor key ride metrics such as speed, duration, elevation, and detailed map visualizations — all within one engaging display.

Precision and reliability

From speed metrics to calorie burn, every piece of information is derived from precise data and calculations, ensuring accuracy a user can trust.

Up-to-the-minute updates

GPS updates and info reflecting the user’s current state are delivered in real-time, eliminating buffering and delays.

The HOW of the product’s success: Exceptional UX

Stopping to check real-time statistics, routes, and personal parameters during a trip hardly adds to the overall fun. That’s why, responding to client requests and market calls, Oxagile has resolved this issue by creating a highly user-friendly and UX-focused interface. We selected only those elements that allow users to intuitively access all the information and set up everything right on the go.

Minimized taps for desired actions

Users can access any app section in three clicks or fewer and enjoy a simplified navigation bar.

Optimized for one-handed use

The design includes shortcuts to frequently used features, swipes for intuitive navigation, and all interactive elements within thumb reach.

Simplified choices

There are no excessive elements or structures, but only clear labels, recognizable icons, and gestures.

Features building user interest in the app

Our team, leveraging 18 years of mobile development experience, has crafted and implemented rich features that have been consistently showcasing the application’s longevity and success in the App Store.

Effortless tracking

The app automatically records time, distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, and location on a map for a detailed overview of the rides.

Data-driven analysis

Inputting weight, height, gender, and age ensures that the statistics generated are not generic but rather a precise reflection of a user’s individual metrics.

Sharing and exporting

Users can effortlessly share their milestones on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and export complete ride summaries in a format that suits them best.

Apple Watch integration

All ride parameters and tracking data can be vividly displayed and controlled on a wrist, without compromising on quality or speed.

Enhanced GPS usage

Our GPS, paired with advanced algorithms, guarantees pinpoint accuracy in tracking the user’s location, allowing them to focus solely on the joy of cycling.

Subscription flexibility

Users can choose from a variety of subscription plans to manage and customize their preferences. They are free to opt for automatic adjustments based on their usage patterns, or manually select the number of tracked rides.

Want to know how we’d bring your fitness app idea to life?

Oxagile has a proven track record of creating diverse fitness apps for coaches, gyms, and individuals seeking a supportive ally on their healthy lifestyle journey.

And we’re totally up for sharing all nuances of bringing such an app to life — from A to Z.

High quality. Confirmed by end users

This project has been one of our many rewarding experiences, as in close collaboration with our client, we developed an app with powerful functionality perfect for on-the-go convenience. And the positive feedback from real users, reflected in a 4.6 rating, speaks volumes about the success of our collaborative efforts.

Achieving maximum impact through the product mindset

Throughout this project, we consistently emphasized taking personal ownership at every stage of the development and maintained a focus on the product mindset, which has always empowered us to create products that genuinely resonate with end users.

Prioritizing the end-user experience

While meeting initial client requirements is important, sometimes elevating their vision and refining it together makes the solution deeply resonate with users and add substantial value to the final result.

Adopting flexible project methodologies

Embracing agile methodologies and comprehensive process transparency enables us to optimize processes for efficiency, ensuring streamlined and adaptable project development.

Leveraging T-shaped skills

Our team, showcasing expertise across all stages of the development process, brings value and upgrades quality from PoC design to rigorous testing and optimization.

Hitting more unique goals of our clients

Dig into more examples of Oxagile’s fitness applications, contributing to direct benefits for our clients, while simultaneously fostering positive changes in end users’ lives, whether by promoting an overall healthier lifestyle or assisting in achieving specific goals.