Who’s the client?

Canada’s leading IPTV company.

What’s the project request?

To accumulate NCAA live and on-demand broadcasts within a live sports streaming platform.

A prologue to our collaboration

“Our partnership with Oxagile began with a pilot project. They came aboard when our solution idea was merely sketched on a napkin. Initially, I felt unsure of entrusting such a fluid project to a technology partner, as the future team had to handle evolving requirements and time zone differences. However, Oxagile demonstrated remarkable flexibility, adeptly navigating dynamic needs, complex technologies, and varying time zones. Despite the lack of fixed requirements and numerous change requests, our first project was a resounding success, delivered swiftly and with impeccable quality.”
— The client team’s manager

Let’s get down to business: Our latest deliverables

Our next project involved assisting Canada’s leading IPTV company in developing a robust integrated TV platform, establishing a strong presence in the college and professional sports segments.

Wide audience coverage

The delivered solution manages over 200 websites and serves a multi-million audience located across different continents.

Broad distribution options

The platform helps accumulate NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) live and on-demand broadcasts, as well as an extensive list of national sports channels.

Scalable architecture capabilities

It has a lightweight frontend and a robust Oracle RAC backend with more than 1,200 tables, 1,600 triggers, and 1,700 functions and stored procedures.

The key features available for the IPTV company’s team

Here’s a sneak peek at the major technical highlights of the media distribution platform we built for the client. Below, we outline the top six strengths that make the solution extremely valuable for their team:

  • Internet publishing tools
  • Video and audio streaming functions
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Ticketing and booking functionality
  • Mobile interface support
  • Social community features

What capabilities would enhance your sports streaming experience?

We ensure broadcasting across multiple platforms, high-quality viewing even during peak loads, protected live streams, engaged fans, and more for our clients in the sports streaming domain.

The words of gratitude from our client

“Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. In addition, they communicate questions and clarifications clearly and logically. They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them. Their overall response rate has been great, despite the time difference.

They adhere to different processes that are placed within the client organization and work together with managers to improve these processes. They proactively focus on things that are important to our system development.”
Vice President Engineering, JumpTV Inc.
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
18 months, 144 man-months
Java, Front-End, Oracle, J2EE, AJAX