Project overview

Live sports broadcasting platform, which accumulates NCAA live and on-demand broadcasts, and an extensive list of national sports channels from Dubai Sports Channel, Turkish Besiktas to Bahrain Sports TV, Brazil Band Sports and many others.

Key features and highlights

  • Internet Publishing Tools
  • Streaming Video and Audio
  • eCommerce Capabilities
  • Ticketing and Booking Functionality
  • Mobile Interface Support
  • Social Community Features
Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
18 months, 144 man-months
Java, Front-End, Oracle, J2EE, AJAX

Project overview

Oxagile helped Canada’s leading IPTV company build a powerful integrated TV platform to secure a foothold in the college and professional sports segment. The delivered solution manages over 200 websites and serves a multi-million audience.

Architecturally, the system has two tiers: a lightweight frontend and a robust Oracle RAC backend with more than 1200 tables, 1600 triggers, and 1700 functions and stored procedures.


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