Solution highlights

  • Custom state-of-the-art billing management solution
  • Overarching charges processing across multiple platform monetization models
  • Accurate spending predictions based on data collected for the last three months
  • Advanced budget management for platform users
  • Automated collection, storing, and aggregation of various usage metrics
  • Per-minute analytics on platform usage and customizable on-demand reports
  • Seamless multicloud integration with industry-leading solutions such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Challenge: multicloud cost control

The client, a Germany-based cloud services provider, was launching its flagman product — a first-class multicloud management platform designed to support complex media production workflows.

Critical to the platform’s success was the core analytics module that would allow the client to gain visibility into resources consumption and help end users keep costs in check.

  • Billing management transparency
  • Cost efficiency and optimization
  • Effective budget planning

Matching the challenge with technical expertise

With limited in-house experts, the client struggled to find the resources needed to build the billing management solution in time. The project complexity required a vendor with a solid grasp of multicloud infrastructures and in-depth understanding of the media domain.

“To augment the client’s expertise, we assembled an agile team skilled in microservices-based architectures, multicloud integrations, and end-to-end data management”

— Eugene, Scrum Master

Building the system’s core analytics capabilities

Enterprise-grade business intelligence

  • Monitoring infrastructure and applications events
  • Delivering per-minute analytics on platform use
  • Granular cost control based on usage, license, infrastructure
  • Customizable on-demand reports with powerful data visualization

ML-driven billing management

  • Machine learning-based predictive analytics
  • Forecasting spendings based on previous data
  • Notifying the user on approaching the budget limit
  • Ensuring effective budget management for platform users

Saving thousands of hours through business process automation

Before the project started, the client had to rely on time-consuming manual costs processing. With automated collection of various usage metrics, the new module supports automation of business-critical workflows, including media processing costs estimation, invoice generation, payment and billing management.

Leveraging cloud media processing expertise

We capitalized on our decade-long online video experience to help the client automate and manage complex media processing workloads. With newly gained end-to-end visibility, the platform serves as a single pane of glass for orchestrating cloud-based media workflows.

Performance engineering for ultimate reliability

The performance engineering team was a part of every sprint to ensure robustness and dependability of the core analytics module. Some of the team’s activities and results included:

  • Microservices-based architecture for seamless scalability
  • Key modules replication to ensure high reliability and availability
  • Message queuing performance optimization
  • Leveraging precalculated query results for speed improvements
  • Database design optimization to support millions of records
  • Average response time for complex queries was 0.3 sec

“We engaged mid and senior devs, a DB architect, and a performance QA engineer that cumulatively spent 400 man-hours to ensure the solution’s performance meets the requirements.”

— Anatoly, Technical Lead

Driving client’s success

In the result of our 8-month collaboration, the client managed to ramp up its business intelligence capabilities and achieve ultimate cost transparency. The new analytics module seamlessly integrates with the client’s multicloud management platform, monitors infrastructure and application events, and provides end users with end-to-end visibility into their spendings.

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