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Fueling fan passion:

Focus on engagement and growth

Supercharging your sports distribution game

With about two decades of expertise in video streaming app development, we can transform the way sports events are viewed. As masters of custom live streaming apps and the sports domain, we are here to assist you in expanding your fan community and captivating them with viewing experiences that defy expectations. Together, let’s redefine the very essence of sports entertainment.


Broadcast sports events across multiple platforms

Livestream soccer, tennis, motorsports races, and other sports events from multiple cameras, covering a wide range of devices and platforms used by your target fan community. Anticipate and exceed viewers’ expectations by delivering live streams that transcend geographical boundaries, connecting fans worldwide to the heart-pounding action they crave.

Our platform expertise:
  • Smart TV (LG, Samsung, Sony)
  • Web, mobile, tablet
  • Set-top boxes (Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV)

Unleash high-quality viewing for the sports community

Bid farewell to the frustrations of lag and buffering in your live sports broadcasting software. Embrace the cutting-edge adaptive multi-bitrate streaming technology, which will change the way you distribute sports in real time. Experience uninterrupted broadcasts that effortlessly adapt to fluctuations in network load. Deliver video content at its finest, tailored to a viewer’s device capabilities and network, guaranteeing a smooth viewing experience.

Protect your sports live streams

Elevate your live sports streaming solution’s security to new heights and shield it from headline-grabbing cyberattacks. Let us empower you with a comprehensive security infrastructure, incorporating strong firewalls, robust SSL encryption, and other industry best practices. Take control of your live streaming access with precision, managing it with an eye on geographical locations. Safeguard your live sports games from piracy with an advanced digital rights management system (DRM) that leaves no room for compromise. Enhance security even further by watermarking your live sports events during playback, ensuring an unmistakable layer of protection.

Engage fans as co-stars of the show

Elevate fans’ viewing experiences with web and mobile video functionality designed to extend big-screen live streams to laptops, smartphones, and tablets, thus captivating audiences without distracting them from the action. From live game countdowns to the best player polls, we’ll keep them on the edge of their seats before, during, and after the main event.

Unlock the hidden perks of sports videos with AI

Tap into our video analysis expertise to reinvent sports content processing and delivery.

  • Identifying any type of sports content and automatically generating appealing post-view highlights
  • Revealing hidden metadata dependencies to deliver hyper-personalized game recommendations
  • Accelerated analysis of sports livestreams
  • Spotting the optimal place for ad insertions and optimizing ads for game breaks without match splitting

Distribute the most anticipated sports events

Oxagile’s team will empower your live streaming solution for sports with game-changing innovations that transcend the streaming boundaries.

Knowing the ropes in video streaming app development features

Customizable media player

Implement a top-notch player packed with multi-bitrate, DVR, simulated live, and recording to provide fan community with TV-quality live games, while customizing it for any device they may use. Let your player go beyond pure playback to support content protection, analytics, and advertising while leveraging next-gen capabilities such as VR and 360° video.

Analytics and QoE/QoS monitoring

Analyze both viewing behavior and stream quality to get the full picture of how your sports content performs across various target communities. Compare real-time insights with historical data to make informed decisions and easily share your findings throughout the organization.

On-the-fly stream processing

Let AI-based tools help your editorial staff process huge amounts of incoming data in real time. Enforce regulatory compliance through instant flagging of sensitive video content, generate rich metadata to empower fan engagement UX, or create captivating highlights of the event in seconds.

Advanced content scheduling

Seamlessly run linear live (24/7) and non-linear programming, effortlessly mixing VoD collections with live sports broadcasts, and combining video with audio for a truly immersive game streaming experience. Leverage the variety of streaming models to increase ROI from your sports game distribution rights.

Support of various playout modes

Unlock limitless possibilities with a feature-rich live sports streaming software that supports a wide range of playout formats. Easily switch between live streaming, simultaneous live breakouts, VoD-to-Live, and VoD, ensuring a dynamic and versatile streaming experience that attracts your fans.

Smooth content syndication

Expand your reach and maximize your content’s exposure by enabling seamless content syndication. Effortlessly distribute your game streams to various social media platforms, popular video sharing services like YouTube, as well as third-party apps and streaming services. Amplify your audience and extend your influence with ease.

The words of gratitude from our client

Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. In addition, they communicate questions and clarifications clearly and logically. They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them. Their overall response rate has been great, despite the time difference.

They adhere to different processes that are placed within the client organization and work together with managers to improve these processes. They proactively focus on things that are important to our system development.
Vice President Engineering, JumpTV Inc.