Solution highlights

  • Advanced customer intelligence
  • Call response personalization
  • Automatic processing of up to 30 million events
  • Smart call distribution mechanism
  • Sensitive information anonymization
  • Robust third-party integrations

Challenge: Scale, analyze, protect

The client, a UK-based customer service company, needed to revamp their call tracking system to accommodate existing customers and attract new ones. Oxagile provided a dedicated team of experienced backend engineers who managed to notably improve an existing solution in terms of performance, analytics, and data privacy:

  • Using best practices around microservices-based design
  • Enabling the system to easily analyze the activities of millions of customers per day and connect them with relevant product or service providers
  • Implementing a powerful data anonymization mechanism

“The dedicated development model allowed our specialists to address the key client’s business needs by integrating into, and improving their in-house processes.”

— Alexander, Lead engineer

Delivering a cutting-edge solution to convert more calls

Oxagile’s decade-long cross-domain expertise was instrumental in meeting the client’s expectations. The team built robust functional modules that helped improve key processes, from user data analysis to response personalization.

Advanced call intelligence

To help our client increase user satisfaction and drive more sales, we built a powerful BI module that performs a comprehensive analysis of website visitors and their call conversations.

  • BI-powered insights into the channels and devices used by visitors
  • Full visibility into visitors’ browsing sessions, including time and previous queries
  • Emotion-based analysis of calls to gauge user satisfaction
  • Identification of converting calls and analysis of revenue-generating tactics

Call processing modules

The team was engaged in full-fledged development of key platform modules set to make the calls with providers more personalized.

  • Generation of specific phone numbers based on user behavior intelligence
  • Hosted PBX for connecting website visitors with product or service providers
  • Caller Insight App and its integration with SalesForce CRM to smoothly process user data and rapidly distribute calls

High-load backend

Oxagile’s expertise was key to increasing solution scalability and performance. The platform became reliable enough to process millions of events, ensuring frictionless CX.

  • Designing a microservices-based architecture
  • Leveraging NATS to accelerate messaging between microservices
  • Re-writing system modules from PHP to Golang to increase the performance
  • Smooth processing of up to 30 million events (user profiles and telephone calls) per day

Ensuring privacy with data anonymization

The client needed to ensure robust data privacy for their customer service platform. To meet their needs Oxagile’s developers enabled fine-grained authorization and access control as well as enterprise-grade encryption — all to comply with GDPR and other security and privacy guidelines.

Besides, the team implemented a data redaction algorithm to protect users’ personal information. The process included several stages:

  • Reliable call recording using a high-quality lossless format
  • Detailed call transcription with timeline metadata
  • Keyword-based identification of personal data (such as SSN)
  • Analysis of detected keywords based on various criteria (speakers, the time when a particular phrase was used, etc.)
  • Sensitive information redaction and its removal from storage
  • Detailed analytics on every particular call featuring personal data

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Enterprise-grade integrations

Oxagile’s backend knowledge was used to smoothly integrate the call tracking platform with a number of third-party solutions — to enhance its capabilities. This allowed the client to boost operational efficiencies and increase the revenue.

Comprehensive QA

Oxagile’s dedicated team was fully engaged in testing the client’s system across several environments.

  • Coherent backend testing of every particular microservice
  • Testing the algorithms used to recognize key words and phrases from telephone conversations
  • Integration testing to check the robustness of integrations with third-party systems
  • Load and stress testing to check system performance
  • Security testing: verifying user access, passwords complexity, compliance with security standards, resistance to server attacks
  • Comprehensive unit tests to verify new functionality — with coverage up to 80%

Business results

  • Improving operational efficiencies by automating routine marketing operations
  • Optimizing call agents’ performance and marketing efforts with advanced conversation and user analytics
  • Increasing customer loyalty through anonymization of personal information
  • Boosting user satisfaction with call response personalization
  • Attracting new clients and increasing the bottom line by scaling the solution

“Oxagile provided us with talented developers who helped our existing UK team cope with the business expansion. They acted in a professional manner as well as offered insights and suggestions on how to improve our development processes.”

— Thomas P.