Project overview

A sophisticated call tracking and hosted PBX system that analyzes activities of millions of customers per day and connects them with relevant product or service providers.

Information & Communication
Delivery Model
Oxagile Scrum
Effort and Duration
3 years 8 months, 90 man-months
PHP, Go, Lua/MySQL(MariaDB), SQLite, Redis, Mongo/Beanstalkd, PBX, Freeswitch, NATS

Hyper-personalizing CX

  • Real-time analysis of website user activities with support for Google Analytics and Salesforce
  • Automatic generation and allocation of specific phone numbers to every potential customer
  • Hosted PBX for connecting website visitors with product or service providers
  • Highly performant NATS system for lightning-fast transfer of insight-rich customer profiles to call operators
  • Robust TLS encryption for secure data transfer
  • Smooth processing of up to 30 million events (user profiles and telephone calls) per day
  • Seamless integration with CRM, ad management systems, etc.
  • Strict compliance with GDPR guidelines


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