Project overview

A sophisticated call tracking and hosted PBX system that analyzes activities of millions of customers per day and connects them with relevant product or service providers.

Professional Services
Engagement Model
Oxagile Scrum
Effort and Duration
3 years 8 months, 90 man-months
PHP • Go • Lua/MySQL(MariaDB) • SQLite • Redis • Mongo/Beanstalkd • PBX • Freeswitch • NATS

Hyper-personalizing CX

  • Real-time analysis of website user activities with support for Google Analytics and Salesforce
  • Automatic generation and allocation of specific phone numbers to every potential customer
  • Hosted PBX for connecting website visitors with product or service providers
  • Highly performant NATS system for lightning-fast transfer of insight-rich customer profiles to call operators
  • Robust TLS encryption for secure data transfer
  • Smooth processing of up to 30 million events (user profiles and telephone calls) per day
  • Seamless integration with CRM, ad management systems, etc.
  • Strict compliance with GDPR guidelines


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