Solution highlights

  • Hassle-free video conferencing on desktop and mobile
  • Fine-grained permission system for webinar participants
  • Seamless screen and file sharing
  • Joint video file preview for all participants
  • Private and public chat
  • Live interactive whiteboard capabilities
  • File conversion capabilities
  • Tamper-proof file downloads

Challenge: Ensure reliable video conferencing

The client operates a popular enterprise-level LMS as part of their all-encompassing organization management solution. To keep ahead of the competition and offer users a new set of collaborative learning tools, the client made plans to add powerful webinar capabilities.

The task at hand required a vendor with proven WebRTC expertise and integration skills. The solution needed to be white-label to enable monetization opportunities for the client.

“With 15+ years of online video expertise under our belt, the project was right up our alley.”

— Yan, Project Manager

Delivering a cross-platform WebRTC solution

Oxagile built an easily pluggable webinar module that streamlines collaboration among corporate learners and co-workers via one-to-many (“webinar on”) and many-to-many (“webinar off”) videoconferences. In the webinar-on mode, only the presenter can use their microphone, while listeners need to use the “raise a hand” feature to voice a question.

Desktop application

  • Webinar participant management
  • Permission system with different user roles for learners and presenters
  • Easy screen sharing via a Chrome extension
  • Private and public chat
  • Live interactive whiteboard with support for commenting

Android app

  • Video/audio conferences and webinars
  • In-session group chats
  • Seamless video playback and sharing
  • Whiteboard drawing tools (pencil, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, etc.)
  • Feature-rich text editor

Synergizing video expertise

Our webinar module seamlessly integrates with LMS video libraries to boost engagement and collaboration.

  • MP4 to HLS conversion to ensure stability and performance
  • Joint video file preview
  • Media libraries integration
  • Personalized watch recommendations
  • Webinar recording

Supporting content management

The solution comes with handy features to help users easily manage, store, share, and edit educational content.

  • Real-time text editor for all participants
  • File sharing and storage
  • Rich file conversion capabilities (MP4, DOCX, PPT, and PDF)
  • Secure token-based validation for file downloads

Engineering system reliability

Optimizing load

To support the ever growing user load without a performance hit, the system architecture was designed to be horizontally scalable.

The solution is able to run 400+ video streams per VPS. New media server instances are proactively fired up to ensure an uninterrupted service at scale.

Testing performance

A new addition to the client’s end-to-end LMS, the webinar module needed to be fast, stable, and reliable to deliver an exceptional user experience for corporate learners.

To ensure performance, Oxagile’s automation engineers deployed a special environment and conducted continuous performance and load testing of all the critical ingredients — from the solution’s infrastructure to newly released media server versions to the webinar module itself.

Business value

The client received a fully independent webinar module with a full-blown set of collaboration tools invaluable for training and business purposes.

Oxagile’s team leveraged its WebRTC and backend development expertise to deliver the final product ahead of schedule, while responding to shifting project requirements in an efficient and proactive manner.

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