Tutoring marketplace and eLearning portal all rolled into one

The system was meticulously crafted by Oxagile to cater to the educational requirements of English language learning seekers, while providing teachers with an opportunity to augment their earnings. It adeptly assumes a dual role, balancing the needs of both learners and educators.

  • Online education marketplace

  • Interactive language learning platform

What sets the platform apart, ensuring it addresses the needs of all parties

The system serves as an online education marketplace and an interactive language platform, connecting students of English with skilled tutors from all around the world.

Video chat solution

  • Lies at the core of the eLearning portal
  • Harnesses WebRTC powers to deliver immersive video experiences
  • Empowers users with a comprehensive suite of features, including high-quality audio, messaging functionality, and screen sharing, which fosters engaging learning sessions

Plethora of social features

  • Teachers’ detailed profiles give students a comprehensive overview to help them find the perfect match for their learning goals
  • A whiteboard sharing feature enables instant and effortless collaboration, letting students and teachers effortlessly exchange ideas in real-time
  • A rating and feedback system empowers users to leave valuable insights and assessments, fostering a supportive learning community

Safe payments

Portal integration with a billing engine for granting easy and secure money transactions

Planning and scheduling module

Flexible time schedule component to accurately plan learning and teaching time

Attendance tracker

Tool to monitor student attendance, thus enhancing the efficiency of the eLearning platform

Education, Professional Services
Delivery Model
Scope-driven milestone-based development
Effort and Duration
4 months, 20 man-months
.NET framework, TokBox, IIS, MSSQL